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The Astral Tides

March 1, 2021

by Tony Willis      

I had to wait for the planet Mercury to cease his retrograde motion through the zodiac before I could post Exercise Six. When a planet is retrograde it appears to be moving backwards in the heavens. It is a time when the planet’s energies frequently become disturbed, and as in mythology Mercury is assigned the role of psychopomp, or guide to the Unseen Worlds, it would have been irresponsible of me to post the meditation on the naming of the received object while the planet’s natural strengths were at a low ebb because many readers of the blog would have gone ahead with the meditation within a day or two of reading it.

The work we do “in vision” is carried out on what occultism calls the Astral Plane. This is a state of consciousness all human beings have access to. It encompasses the realm of the imagination and while it responds most readily to emotion, it runs according to its own rules that are as strict and immutable as the laws of physics on the material plane. Never forget that the Higher Planes are a part of Nature, nor that, as Leonard da Vinci remarked, “Nature never breaks Her own laws.”

The Astral Plane has been likened to a sea, a vast ocean of energy. The comparison is made because, over many centuries working “in vision” and gaining experiential knowledge of the Astral Plane, occultists noted that its energy was subject to an ebb and flow, that it had the equivalent of a rising tide and a falling tide as well as periods of slack water and choppy water. They discovered also that these tides had a connection to the passage through their cycles of the Sun, the planets, and most especially the Moon. The Sun’s cycle is a yearly one, as the Sun in its ever-forward motion takes one year to complete its circuit of the zodiac. The Moon has a cycle that runs from New Moon to Full Moon and back to New again; this cycle is approximately 29 days long. However, the Moon takes something like 27 days to make its way through all twelve signs of the zodiac, giving the Lunar force a more complex pattern than the Solar force as there are two factors to be taken into account not one.

The Astral Plane received its name from those investigative occultists of old on account of its connection to the movements of the heavenly bodies. ‘Astral’ is from a Latin root meaning ‘star’, and in the language of the mysteries the planets together with the Sun and Moon are collectively referred to as stars. Another name for the Astral World is the Celestial Plane, and ‘celestial’ too points us to the heavens, being paired with ‘terrestrial’ in occult terminology.

The charts depicting the rise and fall of the astral tides represent the result of multiple forces exerting their influence on the subtle matter of the Astral Plane. There is, for instance, a change in the quality of the astral tide when a planet moves from one zodiac sign to another. The initial effect is astral turbulence but then the planet settles into its new home, so to speak, and, all things being equal, the agitation quietens down again. Besides having to wait for Mercury to end its retrograde motion, I had to wait for Saturn to find its feet in its new home, Aquarius, and for the Moon to be near her full strength, which is gauged by how much of its face the lunar orb shows to the Earth. Only once these conditions were met did publication of the meditation in which students could name their received object – Ring, Sword or Book – become possible. I cannot, of course, control when a student carries out the meditation. The best I can do is to publish the article on the blog at the most opportune time available to me and leave the rest in the hands of the Divine Parent of All.

The worldwide epidemic is changing the way humans live on planet Earth. Only this morning I heard a news report explaining that the nine-to-five working routine that was so familiar to us our entire lives until this time last year will not return as standard once the coronavirus has been tamed. Already it is clear that department stores are thing of the past; they will linger on into the new normal but won’t thrive; their decline will continue and they will be replaced by other retail options. The drastic changes to our mundane lives are only one half of the shift. Changes just as drastic are occurring in the worlds of consciousness and spirituality. In response to those changes I am publishing on this blog magickal techniques that have not been made public before; they may have been referenced but the actual methodology has not been given out. Having published the instructions, it is thereafter in the hands of the One who reads or doesn’t read them; who carries them out or who sets them to one side; who implements them at an optimum time in respect of the astral tides and who implements them when that tide is at its lowest ebb and lacks any power to launch the soul on the psychic voyage of a lifetime.

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