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Working ‘In Vision’

August 24, 2020
by Tony Willis     
Basic Instruction on Working ‘In Vision’

The main tool the magician employs when working ‘in vision’ is their Imagination. In books on magickal technique you will find it called the Active Imagination or the Creative Imagination, and the process associated with it is called Creative Visualization. Magicians use Creative Visualization to gain access to the various aspects or levels of the Astral Plane, or as it is sometimes known, the OtherWorld, the Invisible Universe that is the twin of the Visible Universe, our physical world. The use of creative visualization is one of the most powerful and ancient ways of performing magick. Creative visualization occurs when a mental picture is deliberately built up in the magician’s mind. The contents of that mental picture are carefully delineated and many of the images made use of by the higher adepts are kept secret because they are extremely potent.

At the outset, when working with any of the exercises I am going to give you, it can be enormously difficult to discern what is real on the Astral Plane and what the student magician has invented for themselves as a form of wish-fulfilment. Do not, at this early stage, concern yourself with any of that. Just work at today’s exercise and let your active imagination create a doorway into the OtherWorld. You will know for certain when you have genuinely made the transition from this world to the OtherWorld because you will feel drained of energy for some time after the exercise has finished. To make the transition successfully and to link up with your tutelary deity is hard work; naturally, after working so hard, you will subsequently experience some degree of exhaustion.

Those who have made the journey to the OtherWorld are advised to eat something or have a hot drink on their return to physical reality. Books of instruction in such matters say that this is form of grounding, of re-focusing the mind on the material plane; and so it is, but it is also fulfils the need for sustenance the body experiences after physical exertion. Activity on the Astral Planes functions no differently to activity on the physical plane – after an output of energy, an input of some sort is required to maintain balance in the human organism, which is composed of body, mind and spirit. If your mind and spirit have been at work, they will need “feeding” in exactly the same way as the body needs to be fed at the end of an eight-hour shift in a factory.

Despite the constant use of “imagination” to describe the activity, suggesting that images play the most important part in the procedure, in fact all the senses are used in vision work. To see in vision is called clairvoyance, to hear in vision is called clairaudience, to feel in vision is called clairsentience, and so on for the other two senses. Some students are very clairvoyant, but you may not be. In any case, clairvoyant sight isn’t anything like normal vision. When astral viewing, the person can usually see only what they are looking at directly, there is little or no peripheral vision. In vision work the most useful sense is often feeling, not in the tactile sense, but in the sense of “feeling something is right”, or alternatively “feeling that something is wrong.” The Astral Plane is a malleable world: the Energies that dwell there can and do take on Form so as to communicate with humans, but they can choose the Form they assume, and a Dark Energy can, with consummate ease, put on a Body of Light. Fortunately, the type of Energy that has clothed itself in an attractive Form can be detected by the student’s Sixth Sense. Rule number one of working in vision is: If you sense that something is wrong, make an immediate return to your physical body and the safety of the material plane.

The first exercise I am going to give you will help you to develop your psychic sensitivity to the veil between the worlds. In later exercises, you will become able to feel (sense) Energies flowing to and fro within the invisible world. You will start to become aware of those places where the invisible world overlaps or intersects with the physical world, places where the veil between the worlds is thin, and where it is easier to step between one world and the other. The only requirement is that you follow my instructions to the letter. I cannot be responsible for what happens to any student who goes off-message or attempts to explore the OtherWorld on their own account without having mastered the basics of working in vision.

For you must first learn how to open a gateway to the OtherWorld so as to enable an Inner Plane Being to come through it into our world, or so that may you to pass through the gateway and set about exploring the landscape you find on the other side. This facility will not be working perfectly for you straightaway; it is a skill that has to be worked at, repeated over and over until its use becomes second nature. Understand, therefore, that it may take several attempts before you “feel” that your inner vision is functioning properly.

Another thing you need to know is that the Beings attracted by the exercise I am about to give are specific Energies that are safe to work with and educative in nature. In magickal parlance they are called tutelary deities. The exercise uses visionary techniques to establish contact with one of these tutelary deities; first to forge it and then to anchor it.

What comes next, Reader, apprentice magician, is a simple exercise that will train you in the basic methods of working “in vision”, and will prepare you for the acquisition of deeper visionary skills. First, however, some ground rules.

Ensure that you have excluded all distractions. Turn off phones, the radio, the television, and so forth, and close the door of the room you are in so that you will not be disturbed. Mark the beginning of the exercise by lighting a candle and taking a moment to still your mind. Then sit in a straight-backed chair, both feet on the floor. Do not lie down to do these exercises. Sit upright so that you do not fall asleep. When you have completed the exercise, open your eyes, stand up, and blow out the candle. Walk around a little to ground yourself in the physical world, and go and make yourself a hot drink and eat a biscuit or a slice of toast, as eating and drinking will help ground you too.

The First Exercise

Now that you are aware of the name of the High Priestess of the Tarot, you have a decision to make: Will you start out along the path that, if you remain upon it, will result in you learning the secrets of occult Knowledge?

Think the matter over before answering that question. Your decision will have repercussions. As we learn, we grow. As we grow, we become better fitted for more testing experiences. Consider that well.

Also, if you decide to tread this path, it would be unwise to do so unless you are already carrying out the exercise of sending out love to humanity on a daily basis as described in my article on The Magician that proceeded the one on The High Priestess. You should either be performing this exercise or be carrying out the three daily salutations in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. The latter exercise is described by the British occultist W.E. Butler among others. You may have come across it – you may already be performing it daily for all I know. But you must be making this connection either through the sending of love exercise or by making the three daily salutations before starting off upon the path to higher knowledge.

If you determine to pursue this path, your next action is this:

Give yourself some free time when you will not be disturbed. Sit, as described above, close your eyes, and imagine yourself standing before the Two Pillars as they are shown on the Waite-Smith High Priestess card – the Black Pillar on your left, the White Pillar on your right. You may imagine that you stand in a vestibule or open space in front of the Pillars, but there is no need to visualize the High Priestess herself.

On the other side of the Pillars, imagine a darkened space. From where you stand, you can make out nothing beyond the Pillars; you are only aware that there is a room, a hall perhaps, the size of a concert hall but seemingly empty, no seats, no stage for an orchestra.

When you feel ready, imagine yourself stepping forward between the Pillars and pausing there, at the entrance to the home of the Sacred Mysteries. Hold your arms out wide, stretching towards the White Pillar on one side of you and towards the Black Pillar on the other. Say (silently, in your head, if necessary), “The name of the Tarot’s High Priestess is ⸺⸺, and in that Name I humbly request to be permitted to cross the threshold of the Temple of the Mysteries.”

Wait. Do not move forward yourself. You will feel your body gradually drawn forward into the area on the other side of the Pillars. As you are propelled forward, the space into which you are drawn will lighten and you will be able to see more of the interior of the Temple into which you are about to be inducted. You will either find yourself in the presence of a Being – a deity from an ancient pantheon – or you will be met by the keepers of the Temple gates and led into the presence of such a Being. I cannot predict which Being you will be taken to meet. Everyone who undertakes this exercise will have her or his own tutelary deity.

If the Being in an Earth goddess such as Cybele, Gaia, or Demeter, the Green Path of Love is being offered you. This is love in the higher sense, the kind of love a mother has for her children; the kind of love the Bible has in mind when it says, “Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend.” If you accept what is being offered, you are entitled to wield the Green Wand of the Goddess of Nature.

If the Being you are presented to is a Sun god, a war god, or ruler god, like Zeus, then the Red Path of Will-Power is being offered to you. If you consent to travel this path then you are entitled to wield the Red Wand of the Gods of Action and Decisiveness.

If the Being is a deity associated with magick – Isis and Thoth from the Egyptian pantheon, Mercury and Hecate from the Roman – or with the Mysteries – Isis and Thoth again, but Persephone and Orpheus from the Greco-Roman pantheon – then the White Path of Wisdom is being offered you. And if you consent to travel this path then you are entitled to wield the White Wand of the Deities of Learning, and more importantly, of Understanding, as the Bible tells us, “Get wisdom; and with all your getting, get understanding.”

After you have been introduced to your tutelary deity, the Being will fade away and you will be left alone with your thoughts in the astral Temple of the Mysteries.

When the exercise is over, it will be made plain that you are to return your consciousness to the material plane and to your physical body. One generally feels the energy of the astral Temple retreating, ebbing away, as it were, and one is left alone in the sacred space with no task to carry out there: the meeting with your tutelary deity is concluded. For now. When you have that feeling, transfer your consciousness to the physical plane, open your eyes, stand, blow out the candle and walk around as instructed above.


Understand that whatever you see during the course of this exercise is what you see. It will be your vision and no one else’s. I cannot predict exactly what will happen. The experience will be largely personal to you. That is to say, the interior of your Temple of the Sacred Mysteries will probably not look anything like the interior of my Temple of the Mysteries. The symbolism you find there will depend upon the attributes of the deity assigned to be your mentor and instructor.


If you choose to go no further now that you have realized what the name of the High Priestess is, you will not be penalized in any way. All will remain for you as it was. You will be neither worse off nor better off than you are at this moment.

Think well on what I have said. When you are ready, make you decision.


However, if you do undertake the exercise and are received by your tutelary deity within the astral Temple of the Sacred Mysteries, then you should make yourself a wand and paint it with the correct colors, or have one made for you. There are artisans advertising their products on the Internet; you can search for them. If you are a UK resident, I can recommend the following craftsperson, who has experience in creating this type of short wand:, We will consecrate the wand at a later date.

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