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A Guest Appearance

January 9, 2020

by Tony Willis

In a day or two, Auntie Tarot will be returning to the blog for a short time only. She has dug out two articles by the redoubtable British tarot expert Madeline Montalban that explain how the path to magick opens up to those students of the Tarot who choose to delve deeper into the science of metaphysics via the medium of the cards. Auntie Tarot has written commentaries on Ms Montalban’s articles and they will be posted to the blog along with the original articles themselves.

Once these articles and Auntie Tarot’s commentaries upon them have been published, Auntie Tarot will be taking a back seat once again and I will be starting a new series of posts concentrating on divination, focusing mainly on the minor arcana.

alephtrt7Cups   alephtrtNinePence   swords 7 tdm

cups 10  rods 10  early9Rods

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