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Boris Johnson in 2020

January 4, 2020

by Tony Willis

I live in the UK. At the end of January this year, the UK will leave the European Union, a momentous modification of the nation’s destiny. Over New Year I began to wonder what 2020 would bring for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He is a most unusual person to hold that office. He is known for his many affairs; a jibe frequently aimed at him by political commentators is: “We don’t know how many children he has.” He is widely held to be untruthful and many say he misrepresented Brexit to the British public in the 2016 referendum. And yet the Conservative party elected him as their leader and, at the December 2019 elections, the party won a stonking majority in the House of Commons. There are many who view that election as a second referendum. As well they might. Mr Johnson went into the election under the battel-flag “Let’s Get Brexit Done.” This earned him an 80-seat majority. The Liberal Democrats presented themselves as the party that would keep the UK in the EU. As a result, the LibDems’ share of the vote diminished by a couple of points and the party leader lost her seat in Parliament.

The Conservatives are now the most powerful party in British politics. But I have always felt that Mr Johnson was elected party leader on a stop-gap basis. It seemed to me that, once he had navigated the country out of the EU, the party would dump him at the first convenient moment. With that thought in mind, I decided to ask the tarot what the first three months of 2020 held for him.

                                          mmTarot 12

mmTarot 11mmTarot 14mmTarot 21

                                         mmTarot 05

The Hanged Man in the first position reveals that, at the start of the period under consideration, Mr Johnson will be concentrating mainly on duty. He will no doubt wish to see not only that his slogan “Get Brexit Done” is fulfilled but also that workable plans for a new trade agreement between the UK and the EU are drawn up, because Mr Johnson wants the details of the trade agreement settled by the end of the year. At that point, the UK would be “out” of the EU in every sense of the word, and that is the conclusion Mr Johnson wants.

That he is also conscious of the need for the deep rifts within the nation caused by the Brexit debate to be healed is signified by the presence of The Hierophant in second position. The Hierophant, insofar as he is a priest, represents priestly functions, one of which is the authority to perform a marriage service. In this case, the “union” Trump 5 represents is the making whole of the nation. Mr Johnson spoke of this on January 1st, after I had made my divination, and I have no reason to believe he was insincere when he expressed this sentiment.

In third place we find Strength, implying that Mr Johnson will keep to the program he has laid down for himself, since the card signifies both resolution and determination, and the ability to keep on keeping on. As The World lies in fourth position we can deduce that this strategy will yield outstanding results for him, though the end of the three month period sees him treading a middle way between extreme Conservative views on the one hand and on the other the fervent desire of the European Union not to appear to have dealt too leniently with the UK over “the divorce settlement”.

I must confess that I am no supporter of Mr Johnson. In my unregenerated state I continue to hope that the Conservative party will make use of him while ever it suits them do so and then drop him like the proverbial hot potato the second they feel certain they can manage well enough without him. The reading covering Mr Johnson’s first three months of 2020 doesn’t predict his fall from grace and that left me feeling chagrined. I, therefore, asked the tarot what the second three months of 2020 held for the UK’s Prime Minister.

                                          mmTarot 21

mmTarot 01mmTarot 19mmTarot 18

                                           mmTarot 05

The World in first place echoes its placement in the previous reading (where it occupies fourth position). Evidently, Mr Johnson remains Fortune’s darling at the commencement of the year’s second quarter. Moreover, Trump 5, The Hierophant, continues to occupy the second position in the spread. Those of a religious disposition may care to ponder the higher meaning of the Trump: it signifies the Will of God. Although I have an antipathy to Mr Johnson, being out of tune with his political stance as well as disinclined to believe a single word he says (based on his track record), I know enough of the way occult forces work to acknowledge that the instrument of Divine Will does not have to be the tee-total vegetarian. Winston Churchill (another man whose politics I disagree with) was neither tee-total nor a vegetarian but he brought the light of hope to Britain in its darkest hour and saw the nation through the horrors of the Second World War. I have come to believe that it is the UK’s destiny, for good or ill, to leave the EU. If I am right, then the Higher Powers will keep Mr Johnson in power until that divorce is complete down to the last detail. This may well be the message of Trump 5’s appearance in second place in both readings.

The Moon in third place predicts a period of relative quite between April and July. Trump 18 rules all that is hidden and so we may adduce that, while headway is being made behind the scenes, the general public will hear little of how negotiations are progressing between the UK and the EU. ‘Moon periods’ tend to be both complicated and demanding, and so we can expect talks to be hard fought and exhausting. The presence of The Sun in the next position, however, suggests that those talks will, all the while, be tending in the direction of agreement in such a way that both parties feel they have gained more than they have given away.

The beginning of July sees Mr Johnson in a commanding position in relation to domestic policy, still popular with his supporters, those who voted Conservative back in December in the hope that Mr Johnson would indeed “Get Brexit Done”. This is no great revelation, it is a prediction one would expect to see in the reading. Mr Johnson has such a huge majority, it would take a revolution to unseat him. But what The Magician in final place confirms to us is that Mr Johnson is a man of action, and not one to let the grass grow under his feet while he is in possession of such a commanding majority. He will be making reforms on the home front (rumblings about which are already audible) at the same time as negotiations are going on, slowly but surely, with the European Union.

I still don’t have the answer I wanted to see – Boris Johnson ousted as leader of the Conservative Party – but I was overoptimistic in expecting that result to occur in the first half of 2020. Mr Johnson wants the UK to fully extricated itself from the EU by December 31st this year. Rationally, no attempt to get rid of him is going to take place in 2020. I shall have to wait another year at least before I see my personal wishes for the political scene in the UK to come true. In the meantime, I shall just have to be patient.

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  1. Martin Egan permalink

    A fascinating article, the angle of political viewpoint is one i share.
    In general I think we are stuck with this crowd for the duration, ie. the next four to five years.
    A couple of days before the general election I cast some five or six spreads. Although I have worked with the Tarot for at least twenty years I do not consider that I have sufficient ability for confidently predicting events more than three to four months into the future, mostly because our modern world is capable of dramatic, sudden change, far more so than in the era of Colman/Rider/Waite.
    In essence each spread of between 10 to 15 cards displayed Death ! My questions ranged from Mr Corbyn’s chances of a win, Mr Johnson’s for the same; the prospects regarding ‘brexit’ and change for the British Isles. I just wish i’d kept a record of each spread ! What statistically were the odds of the bony old lad turning up in all five I wonder ? At the most basic level it looks to me that there is indeed something karmic about this process of change, as The Hierophant was also prominent, appearing four times – wish I could remember more about the rest of it.

    • Hi Martin,
      Thanks for your comments.
      I agree with you on a couple of things – that the UK is stuck with a Tory government (and Boris as PM) for the next five years. (A while back someone said that Boris would either be PM for ten days or ten years. A frightening prospect, if true.) I also think that what is happening to the country is karmic and some national bad karma is being paid off.
      Please keep records of your readings. Even if you can’t make head or tail of a spread at the time, it is useful later, when events have moved the situation on, to look back at the reading, for then one often finds the previously puzzling pattern suddenly makes sense.
      The odds of Death appearing in all five of your readings is very high, all the more so if you were using the full deck of 78 cards. The odds will also be high for the Hierophant to come out in four of the five readings. In occult readings, or readings concerning the fate of nations, the Hierophant suggests the activity of the Divine (however you care to name It). Occultly the Hierophant signifies a situation where the reader wants one thing to happen but the Higher Powers have another outcome in mind. For you and I, it denoted a situation where we didn’t want Boris as PM, or, if he had to be PM. that he be gone asap, but the Lords of Karma, or whoever, had determined that he will become PM and will retain the post for some time to come.
      The UK, it seems, is under that Chinese curse – May you live in interesting times! And there is nothing to be done about it.
      Tony Willis

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