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Exams & Tests

January 8, 2016

by Tony Willis           

A “spell” or “charm” I am often asked to provide is one to aid in examinations, including the driving test. At the risk of repeating myself: There is no spell that will ensure that you or anyone else will definitely pass an examination. However, there are occult measures that assist with the retention of knowledge, calm exam nerves, and focus the mind. These can greatly help on the day of the examination. But they are no substitute for study and application so make sure you do adequate revision and don’t assume the spell will allow you to sail through the exam with little or no input from you.

This is a tarot “charm” I’ve found very effective, if used as outlined above.










The numbers should be inserted into a 3 by 3 square as shown in the diagram in black ink (or felt-tip) on white paper. The paper must be unblemished and should never have been used for any other purpose. A good size for the square is 2 inches by 2 inches or 5 by 5 centimeters. Hold the completed square against your forehead and say, “May my powers of concentration be blessed.” Then fold the square in half so that the numbers cannot be seen, put the paper in your pocket, and proceed to the examination or test.

As you may have noticed, one number is repeated on all three rows, and that number is 2. It represents Trump 2 in the tarot, the High Priestess. She figures prominently in this charm because, on the intellectual level, the High Priestess represents free-floating knowledge about to crystalize into something more solid, or data waiting eagerly to manifest. Consider the triple appearance of her number in the magick square an invocation of her power three times repeated.

In order to ease the transfer of knowledge from the mind to the page (or to the hands and feet in the case of a driving test), we need a fixative. In tarot terms, the prime fixative is the Emperor, whose number, 4, relates to the Earth, and to the four Elements of which our ancient forebears believed the material universe to be composed. Its associated geometric forms are the square, in its positive role a holding symbol, and the cube, a pictorial representation of Consolidation.

mmTarot 02mmTarot 04mmTarot 05

The next number in the magick square is 5, pointing to the fifth Trump, the High Priest or Hierophant. This number puts the person for whom the charm was made under the protection of the Higher Powers, whether you think of that as God, the Goddess, or a particular deity from one of the ancient pantheons, such as, in this instance, Athena, goddess of wisdom.

The first number on the second row is 1. The reference, of course, is to Trump 1, the Magician, among whose meanings we find “skill, originality,the ability to convince”, all of which traits a person taking an exam needs to demonstrate to the examiner. On the other side of the High Priestess (the number 2) lies the number 14, standing for the card Temperance. According to one book, Trump 14 “stands for fruitfulness, action, life and vitality, tempered, however, with wisdom and restraint”. In an exam, action is needed, and one hopes it will be fruitful. In a written exam the prose should be lively but not too lively, hence the calling forth of the qualities of wisdom and restraint.

mmTarot 01   mmTarot 14

In the third row, we find the numbers 11 (Strength) and 17 (the Star). If you are of the belief that Strength should be numbered 8, then be all means substitute an 8 for the 11. Strength is a card that has much to do with success in examinations. The Star represents mental clarity but also optimism, an important quality to exhibit during a driving test or at a viva voce, but a good feeling to have in one’s heart in any case even in a written exam.

mmTarot 11   mmTarot 17

Finally, the High Priestess again (the number 2), this time as a personification of wisdom and knowledge, or what remains in the examined person’s consciousness once the exam is over.

After the exam, the magick square should be burnt and the ashes either cast to the winds to be dispersed by the Element of Air, or thrown into running water (or flushed down a sink if that is your only alternative) to be dispersed by the Element of Water. When the result of the exam is known, don’t forget to thank the Higher Powers for their aid. Ingratitude is frowned upon and if exhibited consistently may result in the Higher Powers ceasing to heed requests for help.


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