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The Tarot & Health

October 19, 2015

by Tony Willis           

No form of tarot magick will cure you of a disease or medical condition. On the other hand, there are tarot spells that will help sharpen the doctor’s intuition during the diagnosis phase, guide the surgeon’s hand in an operation, or strengthen the body’s own defenses, thus speeding recuperation.

Several Trumps are associated with physical vitality. These are the Magician, the Emperor, Strength and the Sun. The Magician represents the patient’s conscious desire to become well again; the other three are Health cards in general sense; falling after a card denoting sickness in a divination, they forecast a return to health and strength.

     mmTarot 01            mmTarot 19

In a spread concerning health matters, Trump 20, Judgment, represents accurate diagnosis by a medical professional.

mmTarot 20

As I am about to undergo a minor medical procedure, I thought I would create a tarot spell for myself, sharing with you my reasons for choosing the cards I selected.

First, one has to signify the problem to be overcome. In tarot Trump terms, the Devil stands for any condition that lays us low and over which we have no direct control, thus it signifies illnesses and incapacities such as broken bones. Starting with the Devil, therefore, one proceeds by following it with cards describing the kind of results one desires to bring into being.

I am beyond the diagnosis stage; the doctors have decided what the cause of my problem is; so the Trump Judgment is not needed. However, I am to have an operation, and because of this I took the Tower as the card to come immediately after the Devil. In his book The Sacred Tarot (the CofL Press, USA), C.C. Zain explains the reasoning well.

For instance, should Arcanum XVI be turned up [in a divination] it might read as an accident, which is the common meaning. But this arcanum is really an expression of the energy of Mars, so that if there were cards preceding it which indicated sickness, it should then be read as a surgical operation …

This fits the bill exactly, as in the spell the Tower comes after the Devil, representing an illness.

mmTarot 15  mmTarot 16  mmTarot 04  mmTarot 11

All that remains is to choose one or two ‘Health’ cards from the list I supplied above to signify physical strength and regeneration of bodily tissues in the days and weeks following the operation. I have decided upon the Emperor and Strength because they correspond to prominent signs in my horoscope and by invoking their energies I am drawing on natural strengths highlighted in my natal chart.

The final spell then is: Devil, Tower, Emperor, Strength. When the operation is due, I will take these four cards, lay them one on top of the other, with the Devil at the bottom, the face of Strength showing above, and place them on my altar, where I will leave them until I am satisfied that I have attained my normal state of health and vitality.


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