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Mentors & Benefactors

July 28, 2015

by Tony Willis                

It is a rare occurrence that a successful person can say, hand on heart: “I did it all myself. Nobody helped me in any way at all.” Most of us need assistance at some time or other. I’m not talking about freebooting, but about those one-off instances where someone holds out a helping hand to another who, having found themselves in hole, are trying to haul themselves out of it. A case on my files makes the point nicely.

At the age of 56 Donald was made redundant. No fault of his: the firm he worked for was impelled to downsize its workforce due to the recession. Donald was the innocent victim of circumstances beyond his control. Because of his age, he was finding it impossible even to get interviewed for a job.There was a glint of light ahead, however, in that a friend of his brother’s was willing to give him an interview with a view to employing him. If the two men clicked Donald would get the job.

He was determined to do all he could to make a good impression but Donald felt that a little help from tarot magick would not go amiss. He knew his “spell” should tell a story so he began with the recent past and the reason for his present predicament – the redundancy resulting from an unfortunate turn of fate. He took the Wheel of Fortune reversed to stand for this event. Next to it he placed the 8 of Pence (or Pentacles). This represented Donald’s attitude to work and money: he fully believed in delivering an honest day’s work for which he expected to receive a decent remuneration. Donald was a grafter just like the workman on the 8 of Pence card.

Now for the crucial part. Donald’s future prospects were in the hands of a man who might offer him a job or who might not. To represent this person, Donald took the Emperor, for in tarot magick this card is associated with benefactors and mentors. Its presence after the 8 of Pence inclines this man to pick up from Donald’s aura, his demeanor and manner of speech, those qualities that are innate in him: the qualities of an honest, hard-working man, dependable and highly skilled.

On the other side of the Emperor, Donald placed the Sun, a card of success. In the deck I have chosen to illustrate this article, there are two children basking happily in the sun’s rays. This shows one aspect of Trump 19 that relates to tarot magic: the card can symbolize shared success – which is what would result if the businessman decided to employ industrious, reliable Donald. The fifth card is the Chariot, symbol of advancement. To Donald, moving to the state of being employed from that of having no job at all would certainly be a step up.

The five cards Donald lined up are like a piece of music moving towards a crescendo, taking him from the blow of fate that turned his world upside down through the interview with his brother’s friend to a happier future and triumph over life’s adversities..

 mmTarot 88mmTarot 71mmTarot 04

mmTarot 19mmTarot 07

Donald prepared a clean space on a shelf high up in his garage and placed the five cads there stacked so that the Wheel of Fortune was at the bottom and the Chariot at the top with its face showing. He then went for his interview and was offered a position in the firm of his brother’s friend. He is there still, doing well and happy in his work.

Once he had started the job, Donald retrieved the five cards and put them back into his tarot deck being careful to ensure that the Wheel of Fortune was the right way up.


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