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Queen of Creativity

July 22, 2015

by Tony Willis                

Poppy is a wife and mother, and now that the children have started school she is keen to return to painting as a source of relaxation on the one hand and possible financial gain on the other. In a whirl of activity she produced a stunning abstract called ‘Running’. Friends and family loved it. Two art dealers she showed it to loved it and either would be willing to hang it in their galleries so long as there were other pictures to go with it. Poppy is excited by the offer but also terrified, so terrified that the creative muse has deserted her. She stands in front of her easel day after day immobile, her mind a blank.

I had given Poppy tarot lessons way back before her children were born, so when she asked my advice on possible means of kick-starting her stalled creativity, I suggested we work with tarot magick. An excited Poppy arrived at my house at nine thirty in the morning (I live a skip and a jump from the school her children attend), bringing her Waite-Smith tarot deck with her. As she separated out the majors from the minor arcana, I explained that, while the Empress card is firmly associated in people’s minds with Love and Fertility/Birth, she is also the queen of creativity, the monarch of artistic motivation. No matter whether a person’s métier is painting, sculpture, musical composition, pottery or literature, the Empress has the power to stimulate and inspire. Trump 3 has an affinity with the angel Anael, the Divine Artist and the card can be used to invoke his powers in that capacity.

Poppy laid the Empress on the table and I told her next to pick out Trump 14, Temperance. This is a card of action and inspiration, of action arising out of inspiration and inspiration guiding action. Paired with the Empress, it signifies a creative endeavor (Trump 3) out of which shines an almost tangible vitality and vibrancy (Trump 14 – see how the angel on the card is collecting the Waters of Life in her ewers).

Having invoked creative inspiration and action, we now needed a good measure of persistence to add to the mix. Poppy and I chose the Chariot for ‘moving forward’ and Strength for ‘determination’ and ‘the inner strength to continue with her project through thick and thin.’ Finally, we selected the Emperor to represent ‘completion.’ There are other cards that indicate completion but we went with the Emperor because he is specifically a concrete or material conclusion.

Poppy now had five cards on the table before her. Here they are. Unfortunately, I’ve had to split them into two rows to get them on to the blog.

mmTarot 03mmTarot 14mmTarot 07mmTarot 11mmTarot 04

Poppy doesn’t have a altar in her house but she does have, in the words of Virginia Woolf, a room of her own, the room she uses as an art studio. The children aren’t allowed in and her husband rarely trespasses there. It was ideal, therefore, as somewhere to store the cards until the magick had worked. Poppy stacked the five Trumps with the Empress on the bottom, face up, and the Emperor on the top, also face up. She took the stack back home with her and placed them on a high shelf in her studio where no casual visitor could see them.

Within three days (the number of the Empress), Poppy came up with an idea for a new painting and started work on it. She is working on painting number three as I write.

The combination of cards above will work for any creative person suffering from a creative blockage, such as writers’ block. The five Trumps won’t do the work for you, of course, but they will oil the wheels of inspiration and will you to stay focused on your ultimate goal until you bring it to completion (the Emperor).


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