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The Powers That Be

July 3, 2015

by Tony Willis

So far we have invoked the power of the tarot Trumps through their numbers. ‘One’ carries the same occult energies as the Magician, Trump 1. ‘Two’ does the same for the High Priestess, Trump 2, and so on.

You may have noticed that I associate the number 8 with the Trump Justice. In fifty years of working with tarot magick, I have found that taking the number 8 to stand for Justice and the number 11 to stand for Strength gives the best results. Many decks have these cards numbered the other way about, and you are free to experiment, using 11 for Justice and 8 for Strength, and thus form your own opinion in this matter.

But to return to my main point. We have been invoking the subtle energies that lie behind and work through the Trumps by means of numbers. At times, however, it may be necessary to use actual cards. If you are serious about the study of the magickal tarot, I suggest you buy a deck to use only for esoteric purposes. A half-size or mini deck fills the bill for me. Mini Waite-Smith deck (often called ‘Rider Waite’) and the Marseilles deck are available. Either are suitable for tarot magick.

Our next magickal formula is one intended to turn the unwanted attentions of another person away from you, directing them instead towards persons more susceptible to your would-be lover’s charms than you are. Here is the formula in terms of tarot Trumps. Again, read the five cards as if laying in row starting with Judgment and ending with the High Priestess.

20 toj  13 toj  T1 juggler toj10 toj  trt 02

What subtle message does this line of Trumps convey? Judgment is a card of change; so is Death. When combined, they denote a big or very definite change. Death also signifies the end of one thing and the start of something else. Followed by the Magician (or Juggler), Trump 1, symbol of beginnings (as One is the first number), Death’s ‘start of something else’ is emphasized. The pairing of Judgment and Death can produce troublesome and chaotic results if their combined energies are not properly channeled, as they are here by the insertion of the Magician after Trump 13.

Judgment/Death moves attention from you, and the Magician points it at another target. The Wheel of Fortune represents a pleasant or joyful change and also a change that will be in the best interests of your would-be suitor and the woman who will next capture his heart. The High Priestess provides psychic protection for all concerned while the aforementioned changes are going on.

In my experience, shaking off somebody who has conceived a passion for you is a greater magickal challenge than drawing a suitable partner into your life. We therefore need to make the formula more durable. Writing down the numbers, burning the paper on which they are inscribed, and then scattering the ashes will spread the message around the world, and works just fine if you are calling something to you from heaven knows where. But when the problem – person or situation – is right in front of you, there is no need for this approach. Better to have something solid about your person, or if that is not possible, safely stored back at home. So for this formula, we will use the cards themselves.

Withdraw Trumps 1, 2, 10,13 and 20 from your tarot deck and lay them out as displayed above, so that the message reads from left to right. Think of each Trump as a word in a short sentence. Next you need to contact a higher energy. You may think of the ‘higher energy’ as an angel, a deity, or a tutelary spirit. I explain how to make that contact in a separate section below.

Having contacted the higher energy, ask that your petition be granted. Then say out loud the numbers of the Trumps, 20, 13, 1, 10, 2, making each distinct, e.g. “Twenty” small pause, “Thirteen”, etc. This is the equivalent of speaking the words in a sentence, but instead of saying “Please move this person on and help them find happiness in another quarter”, you recite the Trump numbers – the numbers that in their own fashion thus combined carry the same plea.

Now stack the five cards so that Judgment is on the bottom and the High Priestess on the top, the picture showing. Some occult students have an altar in their homes. If you are in this position, lay the stacked cards on your altar, the picture of the High Priestess uppermost. The idea is that the energies will work their way upwards, rising from the Judgment card, proceeding through Death, the Magician, and the Wheel gathering the energies of those cards in the process. Finally,the petition rays out into the universe through the picture of the High Priestess, transmitting its message to the mind of your would-be suitor.

Most people don’t have an altar, however. In that case, find a place where the cards can be kept undisturbed until the magick has worked. The cards do not have to be visible but the High Priestess image must be showing. You can put the cards behind books on a bookshelf so that they are hidden from view, but when you pull out some books and look behind, you can see the High Priestess card. Or you put them at the back of a drawer. A drawer where clean linen is stored is perfect for this job. The only other requirement is that the cards are not disturbed, and in particular that their order isn’t rearranged. If you share your living space with others and they have unfettered access to the bookshelves, best not to lodge the cards there. Choose instead the drawer you keep your sweaters in – if no one else ever accesses it.

The magick will work but it will take time. In part the length of time it takes for the magick to work is dependent on how fixated on you your admirer is. In part it is dependent on the strength of your connection to the higher energy with whom your are working. It is essential, therefore, that you choose a higher energy compatible with your own temperament so that the link can be as strong as possible.

The Powers That Rule the Tarot

The seventy-eight cards of the complete tarot deck are sometimes called the Book of Thoth. At one time it was believed that the Egyptian god Thoth had invented the tarot. While that isn’t literally true, Thoth, or one of his equivalents from another pantheon, can be considered the inspiration behind the tarot. Thoth’s equivalents include Hermes, of the Greek tradition, Mercury of the Romans, and Odin of the Norse tradition. Corresponding female deities are Isis (Egypt), Athene (Greece), Minerva (Rome) and Freya (Norse).

Where pagan peoples interpreted spiritual energies as gods, monotheistic faiths saw them as angels. If you follow one of these paths, then you might seek a connection with the Archangel Michael or the Angel Raphael, both of whom take an interest in the tarot. Michael and Raphael are angelic names found in the Bible. But esoteric tradition says there is an angel whose sole responsibility is the occult tarot. That angel’s name is pronounced Hay-ray-oo (as in ‘shoo’), though given the distinctive spelling HRU. When Auntie and I were first studying the tarot, we were taught to say Hay-ray-oo. I understand that other magickal schools use variant pronunciations, all of which seem to work. But I can only vouch for the methods I have used myself, and so I am passing to you the pronunciation I am accustomed to employing, and in which I have every confidence.

If you do not feel an instant connection with any of the deities or angels I have named, I suggest you start by attempting to link up with Hay-ray-oo. Either he will take you on as his pupil in tarot magick or he will pass you over to the spiritual energy that would best suit you as a tutelary spirit. (That just means “a spiritual energy willing to guide you”.) Whenever you make a petition using the Tarot cards, or the power of their numbers, 1 to 22, you should call upon your tutelary spirit and he (or she) will work with you to bring about the granting of the petition, if that would be karmically beneficial to you.


When the magick has worked and the nuisance has ceased to be a nuisance, take the five cards from your altar, or from the place where you have hidden them, and return them to your tarot pack. Always keep the Trumps in order. They have that sequence for a reason: while in numerical order they are in “safe mode”, each card either neutralized or its powers made latent by the cards before and after it.

Those of you who have never made contact with a spiritual entity before, whether god, goddess, angel or tutelary deity, may be abashed at the thought of attempting to do so. Therefore I will make available to you a guided visualization that will awaken your inner senses to the presence of the Angel of the Tarot, Hay-ray-oo. By this means you forge a preliminary bond with him. But not today. Another time.

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