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Introducing Tarot Magick

June 30, 2015

Auntie has rather a lot on her plate at the moment. She is perfectly well, just snowed under by mundane demands on her time. She has, therefore, asked me to step into the breach for a short while. My name is Tony Willis and thirty years ago I wrote a book called Magick and the Tarot, though I am perhaps better known for writing The Runic Workbook.

I am going to explain an aspect of the tarot generally discussed behind closed doors under the seal of secrecy – the Occult Tarot. I am going to start by setting out the meanings the tarot Trumps take on when they are used for magickal purposes. These are not identical with the meanings used in divination, though the two are connected as you will probably recognize. At a later time I will deal with each of the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana in greater detail but for now I am giving an overview of the Trumps to get you started on your study of the Occult Tarot.

The list below does not include every possible association for the Trumps. As an exhaustive list would tend confuse to beginners, I have limited the concepts to those most relevant and most frequently used.

Trump meanings in Magick


Implementation of plans. Enterprise. Know-how. Commencement. New direction.

High Priestess

Clairvoyance. Psychism. Preparation and Planning.


Birth. Fertility. Creativity. Action regarding any creative endeavor.


Support. Protection. Stability. Realization of hopes.


Religious matters. The legal system. Union. Inspiration from Above.


Love. Affection. Romance. Friendship.


Moving forward. Driving ahead. Triumph over obstacles. Travel.


Justice. Fair dealing. Honesty. Contracts. Balanced or equitable situation.


Caution. Wisdom. Intelligent intervention. Winning strategy.


Change. Money luck. Good Fortune.


Inner Strength. Endurance. Success in examinations. Good Health. Vitality.

Hanged Man

Sacrifice of any kind, at any level. Gain by sacrifice.


Completion. Putting an end to something.


Wise management of a situation. Cooperation. Drawing or gathering together. Resolution of Differences.


Good out of Evil.


Disruption. Interruption. Reversed: Liberation from inhibiting circumstances.


Fresh start. A Promise kept.


To Conceal or Disguise. To Distract. Sleep. Rest. Recuperation.


Success. Joy. Happiness. Harmony. Partnership.


Sweeping change. Step up in the world. Eureka moment.


Attainment. Achievement.


Inexperience. Innocence. Guilelessness.

early15Above, Trump 15, the Devil, is assigned the meaning “good out of evil”. That is one of the positive effects of the card. However, it signifies other effects as well. In combination with certain cards it can indicate illness or debility. The student must therefore be extremely careful how she or he combines the cards, or the symbols used to represent them. This is something I shall deal with as the series progresses.

As a way of familiarizing ourselves with the process, let us start with an actual example of tarot magick. Humans have a universal need to love and to be loved, and that makes love magick as a good a place to begin as any.

But first I must make it clear that no magickal formula can bring anyone something the Lords of Karma have decreed they cannot have. It is a rare occurrence that a person is denied love but it does happen, and you need to be aware of that.

It is wise to make a tarot reading before embarking on any piece of tarot magick. Let us imagine that a woman dissatisfied with her job is thinking of looking for work with another employer. This woman should lay out the tarot to ascertain whether the trends in her business cycle favor a move at this time or are running in a contrary direction.

Anyone who has not been in a love relationship for two years or more should certainly make a tarot reading before attempting the piece of magick I am about to describe. If you have been without a partner for longer than two years there is almost certainly a karmic issue to be addressed and the tarot can give some indication of what it is.

For the sake of our example, we will imagine that the cards have indicated that a new relationship is in the offing. The next step is to select four Trumps that will not only speed up the process but actually facilitate it. Cards associated with romance are the Empress and the Lovers (obviously) as well as Temperance and the Sun. Trumps 1 and 2, the Magician and the High Priestess, can be used to represent specific people, the man and the woman involved. But in our case, we do not know who the new partner is going to be, so these cards are of no use to us in this instance.

Where one love has faded and no new romance has yet materialized, what is needed is a fresh start, and the card for this is the Star, Trump 17. Take an L'Amoureux_tarot_charles6unused sheet of writing paper and cut a strip off it wide enough to inscribe numbers on. With a blue pen (I prefer a medium felt tip), write the number 17 to represent Trump 17. Having turned the page on the past by invoking the power of the Star, it is now necessary to bring the potential lovers into contact. Temperance, Trump 14, will make that possible as it denotes the drawing together of things or people. On your strip of paper, place a comma after 17 and write the number 14.

When the two people are in proximity, they must be given space to gell on one level or another, and for this I am going to take Trump 6, the Lovers. Finally, to seal matters, I suggest the Sun, Trump 19, exemplifying joyful partnership, a harmonious relationship. Add the numbers 6 and 19 to the strip of paper so that you have a script looking something like this:

17, 14, 6, 19

To activate the magick fold the strip of paper into a spill. Get hold of an ashtray or use the lid of a screw-top jar that is no longer needed. Set up a candle in a holder and light the wick. From the candle, light one end of the spill and allow it to burn down, catching the ashes in the ashtray or jar lid. As the flames near your fingers, you will have to let go of the spill. If there are some pieces of the spill still not reduced to ashes, apply them to the candle flame so that they are burnt up too. Then you can shake the ashes out of a window or flush them down the sink. The idea is to pass on your request to the Element of Air or Water so that they can circulate it around the world. The energy contained in the numbers must be “sent out” to seek the best possible prospective partner.

If there is a special someone destined for you, this magick will bring them into your social or business circle so that the flower of love can be given the opportunity to blossom.

I have used the word “request” above. Remember that any piece of magick is a petition to the Higher Powers. When using magcik, you are not issuing an order, you are asking that your request be fulfilled if that would be in line with your karma.

The formula I have given is simple but effective. It may not apply to everyone. Some may wish to revivify a love that is fading, others may feel the need to encourage a prospective suitor who, through bashfulness, is taking his time asking for a date. Another group, happily married, will have other concerns – businesses they want to get off the ground, qualifications they hope to obtain, properties they would like to buy. Tarot magick covers all these areas and I shall be writing about formulas covering them in the near future.

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  1. Apl Kont permalink

    Very informative! Easy and meaningful spell. THANK YOU!

  2. Clive permalink

    Hi Tony, thanks for taking the helm. On your description above is there any mental, or emotional energy needed when working. Or is intent alone sufficient. Clive…

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