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The Devil and the World

December 3, 2014

Detailed information on the occult tarot is as scarce as hen’s teeth. The most one can hope for, as a rule, is a throw-away reference to the method of employing tarot numerology. One such reference was to be found in an article Madeline Montalban wrote for the 1965 Prediction Annual reproduced below.

Ring In Your Luck For 1965

Madeline Montalban tells you how to do it

Bells and chimes have always played a great part in religion in all climes and ages. The power of the bell’s notes to drive away evil is recognized by the Churches unconsciously, perhaps, in their use of steeple bells to call people to service, to ring a merry peal for rejoicing, or toll a funeral knell.

The Roman Catholic church makes excellent (and even magical) use of the bell at vital points of the Mass, and at other services; all the temples of the East have their bells and chimes to ring in the right vibrations and ring out the wrong.

But did you know that the bells which ring out the old year and ring in the new were not, originally, Christian symbolism, but formed part of the ancient magical ceremony of Janus, the double-faced god who has one face looking into the old year and the other looking into the new?

A charming magical bell ceremony connected with ringing in a better New Year can be practised by anybody. It is based on an old rite that connects the four corners of a room, four winds and four bells together.

If you have had a poor 1964, and would like to “ring out” your bad luck and “ring in” better times for 1965 you might like to try this little rite yourself.

No matter if you do have a party planned for New Year’s Eve, let your guests join in too. Tell them to bring their own bells. Everybody likes making a cheerful noise, and if It has a chance of bringing good fortune they like it even better.


The instructions for this bell-ringing rite are contained in the illustration to this article, but for those not familiar with this particular runic script a description of the ceremony will be helpful.

First of all, you need four bells. If they are of silver, so much the better. If not, brass, bronze or any other metal will do.

The important thing is that the bells must have a pleasant sound, and that each bell has a different tone.

These four bells represent in turn the four winds, the four corners of the world (north, south, east and west) and the four corners of the room in which you intend to perform the ceremony’ of ringing the changes.

The diagrams on the bells in the illustration do not mean anything in particular. They were drawn from a set of silver bells once in the possession of a German occultist, and he marked his bells with his own designs to represent the four winds.

You can mark your own bells with paint or chalk, or anything else at all, so that you will recognize which bells represent the four cardinal compass points of north, south, east and west at a glance.

Next, you need to find out which corners of the room where you are going to perform the rite correspond to the compass points. For this you need an ordinary compass.

It is unlikely that you will have a room with the four corners set exactly north, south, east and west, so an approximation must do.

Mark these corners in some way so that you and your guests will know which is which, for the “luck” has to be rung in a certain order.

To make this ceremony efficient, you have only to remember that bells 1, 2, 3 and 4 represent north, south, east and west in that order.

The north bell represents what happened in the home and family circle in the passing year (1964), and the west bell those factors you want to “ring out”, since the west represents “going out”, or “going west”, as they say colloquially.

So Bell 1 (north) and Bell 4 (west) represent the old year.

Bell 2 (south) and Bell 3 (east) represent, in order, the kind of luck you want to ring in for the New Year. Bell 2, the south bell, stands for attainment, honours and achievement, and Bell 3 (the east bell) stands for you, the bell-ringer, and your personal wishes and luck.

So the order of ringing the bells is obviously this. You ring out the Old Year by ringing Bell 1 and Bell 4 first, and you follow them by ringing in the New Year with Bell 2, and Bell 3 .

This is how you do it.

At one minute before midnight on New Year’s Eve, this still being the Old Year, you assemble your guests and their bells in the middle of the room.

The host, or leader, then leads them to the north corner first, and with Bell 1 they ring fifteen times, in unison, if possible.

Next, with Bell 4, they again ring fifteen times. This rite rings out the Old Year and any ill-luck it has brought.

The timing of this little rite is important, as the last chimes of Bell 4 must be ended before the stroke of midnight, which marks the ending of the Old Year.

Ringing in good luck for the New Year again requires good timing, and for this you use Bell 2, and Bell 3, in that order.

Before you ring the bells, you must wait for the last stroke of midnight to die away, and then you ring Bell 2, the south bell, facing the southern corner of the room.

This bell is rung with vigour . . . not fifteen times, but twenty-one times. If you and your guests can ring the twenty-one chimes in unison, so much the better.

You follow this by ringing twenty-one chimes with Bell 3 in the eastern corner of the room.

After which you can toast the New Year, having rung out the old, and rung in the new.

You will find, too, that this ceremony of ringing out the old and ringing in the new acts as a tonic to the party, because no matter what people pretend, deep in their hearts there is an appreciation of and a realization of the old magic.

Now, because memorizing the order is important, and correct ringing the changes is essential, here again is all that you need to remember.

To ring out the Old Year, ring first Bell 1, in the north corner of the room, fifteen times.

mmTarot 15                          mmTarot 21

Fifteen is the number of the Devil in the Tarot cards. You “ring him out”, and then follow this by ringing Bell 4 in the west corner of the room. Again you ring fifteen times.

The Devil then goes west, so to speak!

Twenty-one is the number of the World in the Tarot cards, the number of Attainment, of all that makes your own private world. So the New Year is rung in by Bell 2, the south bell, and Bell 3, the east bell.

So the pattern goes: Old Year, north and west, fifteen rings each.

New Year, south and east, twenty-one rings each, for luck in the coming twelve months.

Does it work? Well, like all these ancient formulas, the answer is “try it and see”. Personally, I shall be ringing like mad, and joining you in the magical peals of Ringing the Changes.

[Prediction Annual, 1965]

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