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Trump 3 in Depth, 1

October 15, 2014

Compared with Trumps 1 & 2, Trump 3, the Empress, has a less complex set of meanings. It stands for fertility, increase and abundance, and also for union, love and happiness in relationships. In reverse it stands for the opposite of those things.

We already have those areas covered in the divinatory meaning we are using for the Empress:

Fertility or growth at any level. Marriage. Pregnancy. Birth. Material good fortune. Reversed: Disharmony, lack of union, stagnation, sterility, modified according to the tenor of the surrounding cards.

cagilostro empressEach tarot reader puts these attributes in their own words. It is worth looking over some other delineations in case they are phrased in a way you find more memorable or more appealing to your psychological type.

One set of gypsy meanings has the Empress representing “Fertility and happiness at home.” Richard Huson (The Complete Book of Fortune) rephrases this as “Fertility and domestic happiness.”

Sepharial emphasizes the aspect of Trump 3 that, above, I have called abundance and material good fortune. He gives the Empress the meaning: “fecundity, the power of expansion, of multiplication; wealth, riches, plenty.” Two elements are fused together in this delineation: material gain on the one hand and pregnancy and birth on the other.

Trump3HTMSome tarot experts say the card signifies Love, others have it indicating Marriage (Frank Lind, C.C. Zain, Sepharial, Zolar). Some prefer the word Partnership, which is useful to know as, in business questions, the card can indicate non-physical unions – working partnerships, alliances of all kinds, including the mental and ideological.

A set of gypsy meanings in my possession has the Empress reversed denote “Disunion, serious or passing, according to the cards which are near.” Frank Lind says the reversed card signifies that “partnership loses some of its force, or runs not altogether smoothly.” More broadly, Zolar has: “Trouble, poverty and destruction, according to the surrounding cards.”

All of the above is contained, explicitly or implicitly, in the meaning we started out with. If I were to add to our original statement, I would put Abundance and Increase under the upright heading and Trouble under the reversed heading.

The latter is a good trigger, I find, when a reading is not about romance or marriage problems, reminding me that the card can predict troublesome times ahead that may have nothing to do with disharmony or stagnation. The Empress reversed followed by the 10 of Swords or Trump 13, Death, can signify the end of cycle of good fortune in business that is part of the natural ebb and flow of market forces – boom and bust. But which is not caused by a falling out with a business partner or a refusal or disinclination to innovate.

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