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Diversion, 3

October 7, 2014



In learning to crystal-gaze one type of crystal may suit you better than another. Here are some points to help you in choosing the best kind for YOU.

If you have followed the articles on crystal-gazing up to now, you will know by the results obtained how quickly you are developing your own powers.

But should you not be getting on as rapidly as you would like, this article may help you to choose the type of “scrying glass” most suited to your particular vibrations.

Crystals, home-made magic mirrors, scrying balls of common glass, and even the ordinary household mirror, all produce excellent results if used by the correct type of student.

An object habitually used by one person to develop clairvoyance becomes identified with the user, because part of the personal magnetism of the seer is absorbed by it. (One of the reasons why you may feel physically tired after a spell of scrying).

Pure rock crystal has the most rapid absorption power of all. The glass bottle filled with Indian ink has the highest powers of drawing into itself your personal vibrations, due to the fact that ink is basically water, the best known conductor of electricity.

Then follow, in order, spheres of ordinary glass and ordinary looking-glasses.

When scrying, I have noticed that subjects of Cancer, Leo, Taurus and Libra often get their best results from using a common glass sphere. There are excellent occult reasons for this.

Glass is identified with the Moon, ruling planet of the Cancer folk, because sand forms its basis, and the connection with sea or lake shore is obvious.

Leo folk become adept in seeing in a glass sphere after practice, because of the subtle connection between the sun and moon, one reflecting the other’s light, and because “natural” glass is often formed on tropical beaches by the sun’s rays fusing sand into an opaque substance.

A piece of this “natural” glass makes a very responsive scrying glass indeed, but it is rare in this country.

Venus, goddess of the sea, and ruler of Taurus and Libra folk, also has a strong affinity with sand and the moon-ruled sea, and therefore with glass, and students of these signs do well with it.

There is a subtle connection between the success of scryers born under Capricorn, Scorpio, Aries and Pisces with the home-made “magician’s mirror”, made from a clear glass bottle filled to the brim with Indian ink and tightly corked.

Capricorn is ruled by the [planet] Saturn, associated with all dark colours and black especially, and the hue of the ink harmonizes with the slow, deep beat of Capricornian vibrations.

Scorpio is described as a “fixed water” sign, which represents dark, still tarns, waveless inland lakes, deep wells, and even stagnant pools. And as the bottle contains a fluid which is mainly water, and never renewed, the connection is obvious.

Mars, ruler of Aries is said to “have dominion” over iron, and therefore, by derivation, all by-products and chemical derivatives of iron. The iron content of genuine Indian ink is high, and mixed with it are other fixatives and chemicals which, according to occult lore, fall under the rulership of Mars.

Pisces folk are greatly influenced by Neptune, a planet associated with all forms of clairvoyance; who is also Lord of the Deep Sea.

If you descend deep enough into an ocean the darkness becomes so impenetrable that fish which inhabit these stygian regions have phosphorescent lights on their heads to enable them to see their way, as Dr. William Beebe, the great undersea explorer, has testified.

Black, or impenetrable water connects up the fluid in the home-made magician’s mirror and the influence of Neptune.

Gemini and Virgo students often find that they can use an ordinary looking- glass for scrying and obtain fine results. This may be due to the fact that Mercury is the ruler of both signs, and in mythology he is closely connected with quicksilver, which is used for backing mirrors.

The combination of Mercury (swift messages, occult inspiration) and glass, (Moon and clairvoyance) is an excellent one, and particularly in harmony with subjects of the airy signs.

Aquarian subjects, said to be ruled by Uranus, often make outstanding clairvoyants after a little study, and seem to have the ability to “see” in anything when their powers are developed.

These I know are highly individual in their choice of crystals, and beside the rock crystal, they get excellent results with ordinary glass spheres, magic mirrors and simple looking-glasses.

This may be due to their unique vibrations, which are often highly electrically charged, and their ruling planet is associated with the transmutation of things.

Sagittarian subjects, under the dominion of Jupiter, often find it necessary to go to the expense of buying a real crystal to develop their gift at the speed they desire. I can only conjecture that this might be so because their ruling planet is also Lord of Expansion, and all the expensive luxuries!

Experiment will prove the best type of scrying glass to develop your own powers, and if one type doesn’t succeed, try another. Whatever you use, treat it with respect, and don’t let anyone but yourself handle it if you can help it.

The reason for this is that crystals, scrying balls, magicians’ mirrors and looking-glasses which are used for clairvoyance, become liable to moods which reflect those of their owners, and when in a mood, they often “say” things they don’t mean!

Bear in mind that your crystal is very closely associated with you, and that any mood from which you suffer will temporarily alter your vibrations and upset the balance of your clairvoyant power.

If you are worried and unable to make a decision owing to your chaotic thoughts you may consult your crystal for help, but it can only concentrate and interpret your vibrations, therefore your mental chaos will be reflected in its scenes or symbols.

Either you will be unable to interpret them or, if you do, you may find that interpretation unreliable.

You should not consult your crystal until you have calmed your own mind and emotions, because a restful frame of mind is necessary to get reliable results.

Again, if you allow others to handle your scrying glass it may absorb their vibrations and reflect what they have been feeling instead of the answer to your questions.

There are, of course, exceptions to this, but keep to the general rule that your scrying glass is a very personal thing, only to be used and handled by yourself for the time being. Further study will enable you to make these exceptions at the right time.

[Frist published: Prediction, February 1954]


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  1. Excellent article. Very helpful. Thanks ❤

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