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Diversion, 1

September 29, 2014

I now intend to take a slight diversion away from the tarot cards.

The High Priestess, Trump 2 in the tarot, stands, among other things, for clairvoyance. This is a faculty of foremost importance to diviners, whether considered alone or in conjunction with another medium, such as palmistry, astrology or the tarot. The better we understand the phenomena of clairvoyance, the better we will handle any manifestations of it we find ourselves recipients of.

By good chance, we have the perfect introduction to the topic to hand. Between December 1953 and March 1954 the incomparable Madeline Montalban herself wrote four articles on how to develop clairvoyance for the UK magazine Prediction. They were printed under the name of ‘Nina de Luna’ but I assure you that Miss Montalban was their author.

I shall post all four articles on how to develop clairvoyance for the edification of readers before continuing with the broader divinatory meanings off the remaining Trumps.


Early Stages of Clairvoyance


No. 1 of instructional new seriesIn past ages seers in many lands employed various methods of ensuring the concentration necessary to induce the clairvoyant faculties to operate. The method which has retained its popularity to the present day is that of gazing into a crystal ball. In this and in subsequent articles a leading expert in crystal-gazing teaches you how to cultivate this art.

There are six degrees of clairvoyance to be passed before you learn to interpret the shadows and symbols of the crystal, and only patience and regular practice enable you to attain them. Few people realize that psychic gifts lie dormant in all of us, and that self-training can develop them.

Clairvoyance is an art that humanity has lost with the advent and growth of the machine age. It is allied to instinct, and that type of intuition which primitive man developed when his only weapon against savage animals was a wooden club or puny spear.

Crystal-gazing has tended to be neglected by students of the Occult, possibly because little has been written to guide them, and they imagine that only by staring unwinkingly into a crystal ball will they get results. Eyes and patience tire long before the power is able to force its way through the conscious mind.

Others believe that the purchase of a genuine rock crystal ball (a very expensive item) is also necessary. It is, of course, desirable, but far from essential.

I have taught students to “scry” in a ball of common glass, and also in a clear glass bottle filled to the brim with Indian ink and tightly corked, so that no air bubbles could form.

So if you can’t afford even a glass sphere, a bottle filled with Indian ink will serve just as well.

Neither crystal balls nor “magicians’ mirrors” (as black ink bottles are called) have any power of their own, but merely help to focus the attention and thus keep the mind clear from outside influences; they act as a focus to your powers as a seer.

When you have decided to learn to use the crystal, do not give up in despair if you don’t get immediate results. You are after all, developing a long dormant gift, and, like all sleepers, it takes time to awaken, and that means daily practice from about a quarter to half-an-hour each session.

Choose your time carefully when you can be reasonably certain that you will have no interruptions; place yourself in a comfortable chair with your back to the light, and relax both mind and body as much as possible, having placed your crystal on a piece of black silk or velvet in front of you.

The light in the room should be softly diffused, by pulling the curtains, or, if scrying by artificial light, candles are preferable to gas or electricity, as candlelight is conducive to repose.

Highly-strung people may find that burning incense sticks helps them, the best perfumes for clairvoyance being either sandalwood or ambergris, according to your personal preference.

Having rid yourself as far as possible of mental and bodily tension, gaze steadily at the crystal, but don’t stare into it. Gaze round it, so that you see the entire sphere including the black cloth it is placed on.

If you get tears in your eyes you are not scrying right, as tears mean that you are straining the eyeballs. Looking around crystal and cloth does not have this effect, and in time you will see the crystal appear shadowy . . . as though it is fading away.

Keep gazing, easily and composedly, and you will detect a faint, luminous aura forming around the crystal. This is usually grey like smoke, or silvery and luminous, although, in rare cases, I have known it to be coloured.

The appearance of the aura marks the beginning of psychic sight . . . or the attainment of the first degree.

Many students find that the energy expended in getting so far is enough for the first attempt, but if you do not feel tired, by all means continue.

In the second stage of scrying clouds appear in the crystal, often surging about. These can be light or dark –the colour is not significant, and as you watch this shadowy movement tiny flecks of light appear twinkling in and out, or moving slowly about.

This marks the attainment of the second degree, and impatient students often give up when, time after time, their scrying results in nothing but surging, light-flecked clouds.

This is a mistake, for to have got so far you must be the possessor of second sight, which can be compared to water trying to force its way over a dam.

It takes time, but eventually the mass of water pours over the top, and that is also true about scrying. Practice amasses the power, which clears its own way.

Once the second degree has been attained, with points of light glittering in surging clouds, you must sit, time after time, until, at last, these pin points of light surge together and the clouds fade away.

The lights will then arrange themselves into either a symbol or a scene. Either marks the reaching of the third degree.

It is important to note that the majority of crystal-gazers see in symbol form, rather than “straight” scenes, and therefore the meaning of symbols must be studied.

The first symbol seen is usually a star, or if a scene, that of a shadowy figure retreating down a dark road. In both cases this represents the scryer, and appears as a sign that clairvoyance is now well on its way to full development . . . the power having fought its way through.

You are now ready to scry for yourself or for others, but I advise against attempting this immediately after the third degree has been reached, as a terrific amount of psychic energy will have been expended, and you must allow yourself time to build up your power again.

Cover up the crystal and rest, and, if possible, sip a hot, milky drink slowly, or suck a glucose tablet. The latter is excellent for that feeling of being “empty in the middle,” which marks the exhaustion of psychic power.

In an hour you will be able to continue, and you will find that though you must start from the beginning again, with a “cold” crystal, the initial stages follow each other rapidly until you get the first symbol or scene again.

The Meaning of Scenes and Symbols
Assuming that you are now sitting for the fourth degree in crystal scrying, you will need a translation of the symbols seen in a crystal.

In this first article I will give those which usually appear, for these seem to follow some occult law which I confess I do not fully understand. But years of study have taught me that this is so.

Two Starsor Figures: Your question concerns another, whose opinions and feelings must be consulted in the matter.

A Flower: Always a favourable sign, and according to its nature:- i.e. spring, summer, autumn or winter flower, a favourable outcome to your question in that season.

A Bride: Recognized by the scryer as herself, it portends a complete change in life – not always by marriage. In the case of a male scryer, a warning to look to his health.

A Ring: A binding promise or commitment, either in the sentimental or business sphere. Do not enter into any bonds without careful thought, for you will be held to them.

Two Perfect Rings: Often denotes marriage, especially if joined together. Two rings joined, but both incomplete – divorce.

A Coffin: A lucky omen! If it appears to contain a corpse, it signifies the” passing away” of irksome or troublesome circumstances.

Dancing Ball of Light: An omen of social pleasure. To the ambitious, fate leads you to the ladder of success.

A Dancing Figure: The same.

A Bird: Receipt of eagerly awaited news, but if this is a stork, a sure sign of a birth. If the scryer is female, and scrying for herself – early motherhood.

A Cross: Your troubles are not yet over but are approaching a critical phase.

A Bell: Unexpected good news.

A Pyre (or a heap of faggots): You may be the victim of evil rumours that will do you damage. If a student of the Occult, the dark forces may lead you astray.

An Angel: Divine guidance, often intervention, in your troubles.

A Devil or Imp: Unexpected good fortune, usually financial but with a catch in it.

A Diamond: A sudden message of importance, by telephone or telegram or the next day’s post.

A Roll of Parchment: If unrolled, note the signs or words on it. If incomprehensible, the time is not yet ripe – future scrying will reveal the answer. If the scroll is rolled up, the answer to your query will not be given for some time.

Fire: Speedy news, unexpected.

A Racehorse: Social distinction, often gains by speculation.

A Cart Horse: You are carrying too many burdens. Examine your duties, are they all necessary? Often a warning against the shouldering of the burdens of others.

A Dog: An unlucky sign if the dog is black. In any case, a warning that your dearest may be deceiving you.

A Cat: Domestic felicity, and a sign of occult protection. If the cat is white, a dream which will guide you.

Moon: Expect changes within a month.

These are the most usual symbols associated with the fourth degree. It should be noted that students obtain these results at different rates; it is dependent upon the individual’s psychic power and concentration.

Next Month Nina De Luna will deal with the fifth and sixth degrees and its symbols and signs. In a subsequent article she will describe the peculiar “reversal” of portents which appear in the crystal, as well as the methods of judging the times the events will happen.

[First published in Prediction, December 1953.]


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  1. Christophe permalink

    NINA de LUNA? Your are amazing Auntie

    • In what way am I amazing, Christophe? In tracking down the Nina de Luna article? The clue was in Julia Phillips’ biography of Madeleine Montalban. It was Miss Phillips who revealed that Miss M. used the pen-name Nina de Luna. I simply followed that lead.


  2. christophe permalink

    I wanted to read Nina de la Luna’s articles for years. And you have them

    • Cher Christophe,

      I have this set of articles because they were published in Prediction. Miss Montalban wrote for other magazines using the name Nina de Luna but sadly I don’t have access to those articles.


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