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Trump 2 in Depth, 1

September 8, 2014

The predictive tarot and the occult tarot are two distinct departments of study. In this series I am writing about the predictive tarot and I shall hardly touch on the occult or esoterically-oriented side of tarot-lore. In the case of The High Priestess, however, what is commonly referred to as the occult cannot be ignored.

Trump2HTMThe High Priestess is the one Trump that indicates an interest in the occult, as well as revealing whether or not the inquirer possesses any aptitude for esotericism at whatever level, in whatever form. For some inquirers the Trump will point to an innate clairvoyant ability. For others, it will flag up an ability to read the cards, interpret a horoscope, or divine from the configuration of the lines on the palm of the hand. For a third group, it indicates a talent for the occult sciences, while for a fourth, it signifies a leaning toward mysticism.

Should you, at this moment, doubt that you will every make a proficient tarot reader, here is a test you can carry out. Separate the twenty-two cards of the major arcana from the rest of you tarot deck, and ask, “Do I have a talent for reading the tarot predictively?” Now shuffle the cards thoroughly, cut the pile once and restack. Lay out the first twelve cards, dealing from the top of the deck. Set them out in the form of a circle or in two rows of six cards each, whichever configuration you find easiest to handle.

If the High Priestess is not among the cards in the layout, or if the Trump is present but reversed, the answer to your question is no. If Trump 2 is part of the layout and upright, its meaning can be read below.

If the High Priestess is the first card you laid down (card 1), you and the tarot are well-attuned. You have it in you to work with the tarot on more than one level. Often Trump 2 in this position denotes a person who can successfully combine the predictive and psychological sides of the tarot to produce readings that are at once insightful, uplifting, and accurate. It can also show a person able to operate the predictive tarot and the occult tarot.

Should the High Priestess occupy either place 4 or place 10, you possess the ability to work with the predictive tarot. The same applies if Trump 2 is in the second or sixth place. If the High Priestess occupies place 5 or place 9, you have the talent to predict using the cards, if you care to develop it. However, you possibly find yourself drawn more the psychological aspect of the tarot. The same is true if you have Trump 2 in the eleventh place.

Should the High Priestess fall either in place 3 or place 7, you would do better studying the psychological tarot as expounded, for instance, in the excellent books of Mary Greer. Where Trump 2 is in the eighth place, it means you have some skill not only with the psychological tarot but also the occult tarot.

To have Trump 2 in place 12 can be a blessing or a curse. It frequently indicates a person who can read truly at the predictive level but is unable to help inquirers because no one takes them seriously, or their pronouncements are just not accepted. This is the curse of Cassandra, the prophetess whom nobody believed. Yet if such a person were to move over to the psychological tarot, they would find their readings got a far warmer reception. Then again, for some who have The High Priestess in place 12, the occult tarot is their métier.

Branches of Tarot Study

What, you may be wondering, is the difference between the predictive tarot, the psychological tarot, and the occult tarot? Surely the extraction of data from an insensate deck of cards, whether that data refers to futurity, to psychology, or to ceremonial magic and spell-craft, must by definition be an esoteric undertaking? Indeed. At the same time, however, to pick up future trends by means of the tarot one need acknowledge no occult principle save this: That it is possible to discern still-coalescing patterns of events from the configurations made by the cards in a layout. Neither the card reader nor the person having their cards read is required to believe in an invisible world interpenetrating our own, or any other occult tenet, in order to have the cards accurately predict future trends. It can happen whether they believe or not. In short, predictions can be made where there is no conscious interaction, either on the part of the reader or the inquirer, with the laws of occult science. A high percentage of tarot readers operate in this way.

The same can be said of tarot readings made from a psychological perspective. The cards may well reveal what is going on in the inquirer’s unconscious, but in this day and age that process is not considered occult. It is, rather, accepted as a psychological procedure akin to the Rorschach inkblot test. The overwhelming majority of psychologists would see the tarot cards as a tool, just as the inkblots are a tool, for allowing the patient/inquirer to articulate thoughts that had previously lain unacknowledged in the unconscious mind. This would not be thought of as an occult transaction in any way, shape or form.

The occult tarot, as I define it, is a branch of tarot in which each card represents a specific esoteric principle. By this means a template is created that allows individual cards to be used as teaching aids or, in a reading, to indicate which subtle forces are active in a given situation, how strong those forces are, and what countervailing forces are also in motion..Individual cards can also be employed as foci of attention when the occultist attempts to invoke particular occult energies, such as the power of love or the power of endurance. In direct contrast with the person who reads the tarot from a purely predictive angle, practitioners of the occult tarot must have a good understanding of esoteric laws and principles. For deficiency in these areas of knowledge will lead to failure – the magic simply doesn’t work. Or worse, the magic works but in a way the operator hadn’t counted on, creating fresh troubles while not altering the original problem one jot. A good many folk-tales and fairy stories have this as their theme, and would-be occultists should take heed of the morals embedded in such tales.

To be continued.

  1. Hi Auntie tried the exercise above and failed, no trump 2 did best of three still no joy. So I know that I can use, read, the tarot so why such a result ? maybe just a bad day 2 days actually. Clive.

  2. I did the above test and I had the trump 2 in 12 th position. Acurate for me I would say.

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