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Predicting With the Tarot, 14

June 10, 2014

The Horoscope Spread, an example, concluded

To continue with Joe’s reading:

Justice occupies the 2nd house of everyday finances. A keynote of this Trump is balance. Joe has a responsible job, therefore we can assume he earns well. But for the coming year his outgoings will match pretty well his incomings. He won’t end up on his financial uppers; Justice shows fiscal matters on an even keel. At the same time, however, he appears to have no safety net where money is concerned. (Hanged Man in the 8th house.) Has he pinned his hopes on a loan from the bank? It isn’t going to materialize. And although his finances are jogging along at an even rate, his wife’s earnings (supposing she has a job) are stuck in the doldrums – for just as the 2nd house rules the inquirer’s day to day finances, the 8th can denote the partner’s money, the 8th being the 2nd house counting from the 7th (wife, significant other).

1st house mmTarot-09_thumb_thumb 7th house mmTarot-04_thumb_thumb

2nd house mmTarot-08_thumb_thumb  8th house mmTarot-12_thumb_thumb

3rd house mmTarot-05_thumb_thumb  9th house mmTarot-17_thumb_thumb

4th house mmTarot-01_thumb_thumb 10th house mmTarot-98_thumb_thumb

5th house mmTarot-16_thumb_thumb 11th house mmTarot-11_thumb_thumb

6th house mmTarot-10_thumb_thumb 12th house mmTarot-13_thumb_thumb


Center Card

Joe has a sister, so the Hierophant in the 3rd house probably refers to her. The card signifies good advice and useful information. If Joe has a pressing problem, he can take it to his sister confident that while she will be supportive, she won’t pull her punches; he’ll get an honest and ethical assessment from her, together with suggestions of what he can do to solve the problem.

If Joe does get into difficulties in the year to come, he can count on the moral support of his friends and acquaintances (Strength in the 11th house). Trump 11 has no financial connotations, so friends won’t be in a position to offer financial help. Strength is a doing card, which means that if there is any action his friends can take to help Joe out they will happily do it. For instance, if Joe did find himself short of money, and couldn’t afford a summer vacation, one friend might suggest that Joe and his wife make use of his holiday cottage free of charge. That is the type of practical assistance Strength indicates.

The 4th house stands for the home, and the Magician here is favorable for changes; What the tarot reader must work out is whether the Magician in this case signifies a change of domicile or merely points to changes within the house. Here is where an understanding of what the Pillars of the horoscope portend comes into its own. The four cards that constitute the pillars do not between them suggest a change so momentous as moving house, not even when the card occupying the central position is also taken into account. Therefore redecoration, renovation or expansion of the family home is what Trump 1 is predicting, the more so if Joe is a D.I.Y. enthusiast, for the Magician gives out a decidedly hands-on form of energy.

Career prospects, ambitions and such like are denoted by the 10th house, where Judgment reversed is situated. Manifestly, no promotion is likely. Upright, Trump 20 means elevation, to rise in the world. In reverse, while it can indicate demotion, it can also point to stasis, no movement, preservation of the status quo and that is the significance I took it to have for Joe. Having reached that conclusion, my eye was caught by the Trump in the next house – the Star in the 9th. Now the 9th is the house of further education and because Trump 17 denotes new enterprises, I suggested that Joe might consider taking some course to expand or enhance his skills. It turned out he had been thinking for some time of starting an Open University course. I explained that, according to the tarot, this was the moment to stop thinking and start acting, the coming year being an excellent time for him to put his plan into effect, under the auspices of the Star.

Not only is the intention to study well-starred in the tarot spread, there might also be good sense in implementing the project now, because changes are due in Joe’s work life (The Wheel in house 6) which may not be altogether to his liking as Death falls in the opposite house to Trump 10. There is a kind of symbiosis between cards in opposing houses, each effects the other. Here, the change of fortune promised by the Wheel is blighted by the association across the chart with Death, in the 12th house.

The 12th is the house of hindrances, Death is a symbol of loss. Taken together, they forecast obstacles to happiness and peace of mind caused by loss of some kind. Hints from elsewhere in the chart, indicated that the loss was financial – an unexpected financial drain was a distinct possibility, I thought. We already know that Joe is breaking even financially; a surprise request for money is going to rock his fiscal world. And that is probably what is going to happen.

Joe has a daughter; she is denoted by house 5 and the Trump to be found there. This is the Tower, signifying an upheaval in the daughter’s life of massive proportions. Obviously, her problem is going to impinge to some degree on her father’s time and energy, and possibly call for some financial shoring up from her parents, too. Gut instinct told me that disaster facing Joe’s daughter was divorce, and I later learned that this was the case.

However, I have been sidetracked away from consideration of the Wheel in the 6th house of work matters. The card is upright, which generally supplies it with a positive sheen, yet it is also opposed by Death. I interpreted this as meaning that some changes in Joe’s job environment would be beneficial for him, while others might prove detrimental – a mixed bag, in other words. As things turned out, Joe’s immediate superior was replaced by a woman who was sympathetic to his desire to take an Open University course, and she encouraged him to arrange his working week around his study periods. On the down side, it was made evident in no uncertain terms that he would rise no higher in the organization than the post he currently held. Moreover, he, along with all workers of his grade, would receive only a small raise in pay, bonuses, too, being cut to a minimum.

The final, central card in the reading is Temperance, its message being that, with adjustments, and possibly readjustments, Joe and his family can reach the end of the year safe and sound. It may be a struggle at times, but Joe can make it, and with the knowledge of what is to come supplied by the tarot reading, hopefully he can prepare for the jolts and jostles that are about to head his way.

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