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Predicting With the Tarot, 11

May 4, 2014

The Investor

Noosha has had an offer from a friend of a friend. This man says he can double her savings in a year. It is rumored he has done this for other people, and he is always awash with money himself. All this sounds too good to be true to Noosha, so she wants to know what the cards have to say about the matter.


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Card #1 is Trump 10, the Wheel of Fortune. If we consult the list of divinatory meanings, we find the card indicates “good luck, good fortune in most endeavors.” We should not jump to any conclusions, however. Card #1 almost always reveals the nature of the problem. In Noosha’s mind the nub of the matter is what will happen to her investment, will it bring her material good fortune as promised? In that respect it is an apposite Trump to have in position one. But it is the rest of the cards in the spread that will answer the question.

Even so, we can take this opportunity to expand our understanding of Trump 10. For, in addition to the meanings given on the list, when upright the card can signify a gain of money, whether as a gift, a windfall, an inheritance, a bonus or a raise. Similarly, in reverse it can denote financial loss. If we interpret the card from this angle we are reminded that Noosha’s question concerns money, financial dealings. That is all the card indicates. As already noted, the Trumps that follow it will reveal whether the money will increase plentifully or vanish away never to be seen again.

In position 2 lies The Fool, a Trump with an unusual history. When I was learning to divine with the tarot, a long, long time ago, the card was synonymous with folly – foolish thoughts and foolish actions. In the 1940s, I didn’t know anyone who was using the meanings most commonly associated with the Fool today. One modern tarot expert explains: “The Fool is all about new experiences, personal growth, development and adventure.” That is not what I was taught, and I stick to what I know.

I learned the meanings on the list I have supplied you with. If you refer to it you will see that the Fool indicates “inconsiderate actions, and poor judgment in personal and financial affairs.” It is not limited to these meanings, however. When upright, the card can also signify Innocence, Inexperience, or Ignorance. (Add those to your list of meanings.) The attribute Innocence can function negatively, denoting a person easily taken advantage of. By the same token, Ignorance can function positively, as when it indicates a person who has no knowledge of a subject. Noosha is an innocent, ignorant of the workings of the world of finance, and at risk in this alien environment. The Fool Trump in position 2 succinctly sums up the cause of her dilemma.

The Hanged Man is card #3, The list offers several alternative meanings: “Voluntary self-sacrifice. Or: A reversal of fortune. A victim to the spite and intrigues of others. Or: Hesitation in making decisions.” We can eliminate the first as irrelevant to this inquiry. But the other three meanings speak to Noosha’s situation. She hesitates before deciding whether to let this man handle her financial affairs, and she may, in the not too distant future, find herself a victim of his machinations, in which case she will experience a dramatic reversal of fortune.

This interpretation is backed up by the Devil falling as card #4. The delineation for Trump 15 on our list of meanings reads: “Internally, it is the temptation to evil, to do the wrong thing. An imprudent or unwise action.” Naturally Noosha is tempted by the prospect of doubling her money in a short space of time. Who wouldn’t be? But the cards warn that handing over her savings to this man would be unwise action. Finally, Judgment reversed in the fifth place pronounces unequivocally on the outcome. Although the meaning on the list speaks of loss of job, demotion, loss of rank or standing in the community, we can adapt this to the question we are grappling with and read the card simply as loss. Since the question is about money, we can expect the loss to be financial.

Trump 20 counsels the inquirer to pay attention to her health. The Devil, too, can at times signify illness. Taking the two omens together, it is likely that, if Noosha were to go ahead and hand her savings over to this man, then the loss of the savings would hit her hard emotionally or psychologically, with physical repercussions.

  1. Read permalink

    Am enjoying relearning the Tarot. Will you be including the minor arcana is this series?

    • Hello Read,

      I am in a quandary about the minor arcana. Much as I would like to write about them, there are differences of opinion as to what they mean. I don’t know if I would be writing for a minority or if readers of the blog would learn something anyway about how to stitch meanings together, adapting and adjusting as one goes, from my explanations. Maybe I should ask my followers what they think.


      • read84 permalink

        I, for one, would like very much to learn your meanings. If your readers have read your lessons on the playing cards then they have a good idea how to blend the meanings together well. Your articles on the majors are great in that I can predict fory clients who do not want more psychological readings. So, let’s learn the minor arcana!! What say ?

      • Hello Read,

        I admit I am tempted. We are in the early stages of getting to know the Major Arcana, so I have time to think over how I would approach writing about the Minor Arcana. Your comments encourage me to introduce the Minors as well. I just have to feel confident that I would be doing something useful, and not confusing visitors to the blog by promoting yet another set of meanings for the minors. Students of the tarot have enough learning to do. If I am perceived as adding to the load, readers will turn away. My aim is to aid not to encumber.


  2. read84 permalink

    Didn’t you tell me you had decided to go ahead and do the minors? I can’t seem to find that comment from you, if you did decide to go ahead with the minors.

    • Hello Read,

      I haven’t made a decision on the minor arcana. If I let the idea stew in my head, a way of presenting the minor arcana may coalesce. There’s more to say about about the major arcana so no rush.


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