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Predicting With the Tarot, 9

April 25, 2014

The Future Unveiled

Sometimes an inquirer doesn’t have a specific question in mind; they just want to know what the future holds. When life has been shuffling along comfortably for a while, a person may start wondering what kind of new influence is headed their way. Is there a loss on the horizon, or an unexpected windfall? Are friends false or dependable? Is travel in the offing, or will the inquirer be staying put?

General anxieties such as these can be assuaged by recourse to another kind of spread from the five-card type we have been using. Here the cards are laid out in a line, left to right, and interpreted in the order in which they were set down. (I’ve divided my line in two in the illustration below.) I use six cards as I find this the ideal number for spreads of this nature.

The reading is for a business-man whose company has been doing well, consistently improving its sales record over the past eight years. But will his luck hold? For the gods of fortune rarely allow any individual to rise and rise indefinitely.

tdm devil  tdm 17  tdm judgment 75

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The card that begins the reading is the Devil. It can point to an illness or to unwise actions on the part of the inquirer. In order to decide which of these meanings applies in any given case, the reader often has to rely on her intuition.There are other ways of reaching a conclusion, however, and this spread illustrates one of them. You see, the second card in the line is the Star, one of whose significances is good health. There is a strong possibility, therefore, that the message the cards are attempting to convey is that in the near future the inquirer will fall ill, but that the matter will not be serious as he will soon recover. He would be wise to take the prediction into account, though, because he may have to miss key business meetings due to his bout of sickness. For we must interpret the Devil not simply as sickness, but as a sickness that is in some way an obstacle to the smooth running of the inquirer’s affairs.

Once recovered and back at the helm, he will steer the company ship to further successes. That is what Judgment as the third card predicts. It also signifies the implementation of plans. Possibly there are changes the inquirer has been contemplating making. If so this is the time (after his illness) to put them into action.

The next card is the Moon. It can warn of false hopes, hidden dangers or false friends. We can eliminate false hopes as a possible because the following Trump is the beneficent Temperance, glorious harbinger of successful conclusions to enterprises. That leaves hidden dangers and false friends. The inquirer would do well to read carefully the small print in documents he is asked to sign and to question the motives of everyone involved in a deal however amiable or impartial they appear to be.

Having ridden out this rough patch, the inquirer will consolidate his business’s position  This outcome is defined not only be the presence of Temperance as the penultimate card, as already considered, but by Justice being the final card, for Justice also points to success in a business context. Although one can also read it figuratively – as balance restored. In addition to the meanings I provided you with near the beginning of this series, time and again it is possible to interpret the Trumps figuratively, a point that should be always born in mind.

Notice the fluctuations of fortune highlighted by this reading, which has almost unfettered expansion alternating with restrictive or hampering circumstances. Most spreads contain contradictory indications. It is up to the reader to makes sense of the disparate directions found in a spread and present the inquirer with a smoothed-out, but nonetheless accurate, image of her future prospects. To an extent this art can be learnt. But the ability to make a flawless assessment of what the future holds is a gift, a natural talent. It is a talent few possess. On the other hand, I can teach you the mechanics of the process (that is what I am trying to do in these lessons). By following my instructions you can become an able predictor, certainly of the general direction in which events are tending.

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