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Looking to the Future

March 25, 2014

I have reprinted all the Madeline Montalban articles I have copies of apart from one or two which are, in my opinion, not as useful as the rest. I have other articles, not on the tarot, by Miss Montalban, but as is this is a tarot blog, this is not the place to publish them.

Visitors to the blog have enjoyed Miss Montalban’s articles. They often email their appreciation. I am not sure what direction the blog will take in the future.

I will be posting less frequently from now on. Many of my thoughts on the tarot have been published already. There remains little for me to add.

I have asked my co-worker Tony Willis to contribute a piece on the minor arcana. He is working on it at the moment. After that, matters rest in the hands of the gods.

35-King-of-Wands    nine-of-swords-300    early 6


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  1. Martin Egan permalink

    Thank you ‘Auntie’ – i have so very much enjoyed your renditions of M M which have been an a concise and illuminating pleasure. All good and indeed otherwise things eventually end.
    I just wish that i had the mental acumen and ‘nous’ to add to your blog or forum, regrettably i have not and don’t feel qualified to do so. Please don’t just give up because other Tarot avenues will appear, without a doubt and for one will look forward to anything you can provide for us in future.

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