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Will My Wish Come True?

January 10, 2014

The Wisdom of the Tarot

The Minor Arcana


By Madeline Montalban

There are certain cards in the Tarot about which I like to write in the months that coincide with their particular magic. This means, however, that many articles are written far in advance of publication. I wrote this one in Paris in October 1971, specifically for this, the May issue, and did so for a special reason. May and October link up with the Wish Card.

The card I am writing about is the Nine of Cups. This card has a very simple and fortunate meaning, which is that your wish will be granted. It applies to the wish you have in mind when you consult the cards.

If you have a special desire, consult the Tarot about it in October or May of any year, as those months are closely linked to the Nine of Cups, which is one of the luckiest cards in the pack.

Incidentally, the Nine of Cups corresponds to the nine of hearts in a pack of ordinary playing cards. If you do not have a Tarot pack, you can use a pack of playing cards provided you take out and discard from each suit any number under seven. Then remove the four jacks and this will leave you 28 cards with which to work.

To find out if your wish will be granted, use the method I sometimes use. Having made my wish, I sort out the 28 cards into their respective suits, which all correspond to the Tarot.

I divide these into four separate piles: the ace, king, queen, ten, nine, eight and seven of hearts (corresponding to Cups in the Tarot) in one pile; the equivalent cards from the suit of diamonds (corresponding to Pentacles in the Tarot) in another; those from clubs (Staves or Wands in the Tarot) in a third; and those from spades (corresponding to Swords in the Tarot) in the fourth pile.

The importance of sorting
All these cards are placed in order in their respective suits to begin with. This is important, for sorting them out first helps you to get a true reading. Next, you shuffle them or, if you can’t shuffle cards, mix them up thoroughly, first putting them face downwards so that you don’t see how you are mixing them. When they are well shuffled or mixed, put them in one pile and, this time holding them picture side up, count off nine cards.

The first eight you discard and lay face upwards on the table. The ninth you keep. Don’t shuffle or mix the pack again, but count off another nine cards. As before, discard the first eight cards and lay the ninth against the first one you drew. Then count off another nine, laying the ninth card by the side of the other two.

You now have three cards to read, and the rest of the pack is meaningless. By using this method you are asking whether one particular wish will be granted.

If the nine of hearts (corresponding to the Nine of Cups) is one of the three cards you have selected, your wish is sure to be granted. If the other cards are the ten of hearts and the ten of clubs (corresponding to the Ten of Cups and Ten of Wands or Staves), it will be granted as soon as you ask, or the granting of your wish is imminent.

This applies no matter what your wish may be, for as the illustration shows, the Nine of Cups (or hearts) is a card of fortune and love. [I don’t have a copy of the illustration to add to the post. However, Miss Montalban describes it perfectly well. A.T.] The Cornucopia, or Horn of Plenty, surmounts the little Cupid, god of love. As good fortune implies all things, and love is a necessity, the Nine of Cups (or hearts) is called the card of granted wishes.

If the nine of hearts is one of the three cards you drew, but it is flanked by the ten of spades, your wish will take some time to come true. If it is flanked by both the eight and ten of spades it will come true, but it may prove very disappointing for not all the wishes that are granted to us turn out to our benefit in the long run.

You will need to wait 7 months
The nine of hearts with two sevens of any suit except that of spades also means the imminent fulfillment of your wish.

The seven of spades, however, shows that you will need to wait seven months before it is granted. If the nine of hearts is accompanied by any card of the suit of diamonds, it is another fortunate omen and means, if you draw all hearts, whatever their numbers, that you will soon meet the love of your life.

If the nine of hearts appears with the Ten of Wands (or Staves) it shows a wish granted and material benefits as well. The nine of hearts with the eight of clubs indicates that your wish will come true as the result of a journey.

When the nine of hearts is not in the three cards drawn, it means that your wish will not be granted.

As the three cards drawn can give, in their various combinations, many interpretations, and space forbids my dealing with them all, their meanings must be summarized. Regard diamonds as being connected with money, clubs with business or journeys, and hearts with love and affection. Spades deny the swift granting of a wish and foretell trouble.

Incidentally, if you wonder why only 28 cards are used for this method of card-reading, it is because there are 28 days in a lunar cycle, and lunar cycles have a lot to do with divination. The seven cards used from each suit correspond to the seven days of the week.

It is not always necessary to use the whole Tarot pack to get a quick answer to a question. In fact, to do so can be very confusing. If you use only the suit which corresponds to the question, i.e. Cups for love, Pentacles for money, Wands (or Staves) for travel and business matters, and Swords for any trouble you fear may be around the corner, you will get better results.

If you have the nine of hearts in the three cards you have drawn and cannot make up your mind about the meanings of the other two cards, write to me for a copy of my list of meanings that can be arrived at using the 28-card-method. Don’t forget to send me a stamped, addressed envelope. By consulting this list, you will be able to decide for yourself what your three cards mean.

Enquiries about Tarot cards
This offer may entail my receiving a rather heavy mail, so please do not write asking about other things at the same time.

Incidentally, once again I must stress that I cannot advise readers where to purchase Tarot cards. We go to press so far in advance of publication that any shops which have them when an article is written are likely to have sold out by the time it appears!

From time to time, Tarot cards are advertised in Prediction. As a general guide, however, book-shops which sell occult and mystic books usually stock them.
[Prediction, May 1972.]

I don’t have Miss Montalban’s list of meanings detailing what all possible combinations of three cards predict, so don’t e-mail me asking for a copy! If anyone reading this has a copy of the list and is willing to send it to me, I will add it as a further post.

In the meantime, you will have to rely on your own powers of interpretation, as I have had to do this past thirty years. Let me give an idea of how to set about this task. I’ve laid out three cards according to the instructions above (though I don’t actually have a wish!). The cards are: 8 clubs, 9 diamonds, Ace of hearts. The 9 of hearts is not part of the reading but the ace of hearts is. The chances of the wish (if I had one) being granted is distant, shown by the ace falling at the end of the run of cards. Neither of the other cards are hearts. This is not a good omen for the wish coming true swiftly or in its entirety.

Business and financial matters need to be gotten out of the way first. The 8 of clubs points to business, the 9 of diamonds to money. If the inquirer is employed by someone else rather than self-employed, a hard won promotion entailing a better salary is likely. The promotion is hard won because 8 is not an easy number, denoting obstacles or delays. The better salary is shown by the 9 of diamonds, which stands for financial rewards. The ace of hearts as the final card intimates that the wish inquired about cannot begin to come true until after the events predicted by the 8 of clubs and 9 of diamonds have come to pass.

If there had been no hearts in the reading there would be very little chance of the wish being granted. A.T.

  1. Lyn Olds permalink

    Hi Auntie

    Thanks for the post . . .

    Looking at the paragraph below – is it just me!, or is there a bit missing after the … it is another fortunate omen and means, _______, if you draw …



    • Hi Lyn,
      Must be just you. 🙂 Read the sentence through to the end. It says that it is a fortunate omen if all three cards are hearts, for this means you will soon meet the love of your life – and incidentally this meaning applies whether your wish concerned romance or not.

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