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The Magical Tarot – The Knights

November 13, 2013

Knight to Pawn 3

by Madeline Montalban

The Four Knights of the Minor Arcana have simple predictive meanings, but they can also offer a valuable occult lesson when considered from a philosophical point of view. They can be regarded mainly as the thoughts of men, for in a female spread they represent the intentions of the men in her life.

Knight of Cups is a potential admirer, Knight of Pentacles a potential lover, with rather selfish intentions and apt to turn out a seducer if given the chance. Knight of Rods signifies the helpful thoughts and good- will of a man friend. Knight of Swords warns of a dark man who is not to be trusted, or of treachery from the very man from whom you would least expect it. He is Mephistopheles in person.

The Knight of Swords in any spread warns you that the one person you think is to be entirely trusted is secretly inimical to you, and here is where the occult lesson comes in.

To understand it, we must consider all the knights together, since they represent the inner thoughts of men; the thoughts they never let women know about if they can avoid it.

mmTarot 25The born bachelor
We all know the shy man who is afraid to declare his interest in a woman. This may last all his life, and he remain a bachelor for ever because of it. Basically, it stems from childhood days, when somebody (probably Mummy) warned him about nasty little girls. He just never grew out of it. And he can remain a potential, but never declared, admirer, a confirmed bachelor, unless he meets a very strong-minded woman, who marries him willy-nilly. (But she may have to stand over him the night before the wedding to make sure he reaches the altar.)

We have all met the vain man who wants no ties, but who is ready to enjoy the sweets of life and the maximum he can get from feminine company without getting himself involved. Oh, he’s generous enough, while in pursuit of his objective. You won’t lack for flowers and presents and expensive trips. But he is a seducer, not a possible bridegroom. Remember that. He’s always looking for the right girl, or so he says.

What he means is that he is looking for some female mug who will give her all and let him go scot free.

This type is amusing but dangerous. Once he has exacted the tribute to his charm and vanity that he wants and has tired of it, he won’t even send you a Christmas card. He makes a neat, swift getaway. He’s more interested in himself than you, for this is the Knight of Pentacles, who, when he marries, does so for money or position, but seldom from romantic urges.

The Knight of Rods is a good all-rounder. He is the potential friend, lover and husband. He may be slightly dull when you first get to know him, and he unfolds his many good qualities very slowly. This type treats you as a friend for a long time. He can wait for friendship to grow into love, even while he is seeing you through your love anguishes with other members of his sex, for he, basically, wants to marry you. And if he does, you will lack for nothing he can give you and he won’t cause you a minute’s heartache.

The deceitful charmer
The Knight of Swords is a charmer, but a pig. At base he is selfish, often dishonest and completely self-centred. He is dangerous because he is treacherous. No matter how long you may have known this knight, you never really get under his skin. He sees to that. He may even go so far as to marry you (for his own reasons) and you may live in bliss for years, but look out! He keeps his thoughts to himself. He is secretive, and very hard to find out. He uses charm and gentle words in place of real love and sincerity, and the day he is tired of you . . . you’ve had it.

Mind you, he won’t tell you so outright. He will scheme and plot to put you in the wrong. What he hopes is that you will throw him out so that he can leave with an air of injured innocence. If you hang on, or cannot see through him (and this type is very hard to see through, as he possesses an almost hypnotic quality), make sure that the Knight of Swords is preparing his getaway, moving towards it day by day.

Some other woman always helps him to do it. She will have the little love-nest already prepared. She, too, has swallowed wholesale all his charm and promises. Under his spell, she will help him to break up your life and even, if she is foolish, her own as well.

Then, one day, your Knight of Swords is gone. Along with your savings and any property he can manage to get his hands on by lying or subterfuge.

One after another
If you throw your wedding ring at him be sure he will give it to the other woman with a: “This ring means a lot to me” (sometimes he says it is Mother’s). If it is bright and expensive, he’ll have it polished up and say how long he has been holding on to it in the hopes of slipping it on to “her” finger.

She, already lined up as Mug No. 2, is delighted, and falls for the thing hook, line and sinker. It is going to take her a long time before she, too, finds that her romantic, charming knight never gives anything . . . unless it belongs to somebody else. All he gives is charm, and only that for so long as suits him.

Basically, he is mean, selfish and quite often bone idle. He uses women as victims, and his charm and good looks help him to do so. One can’t even call him a gigolo. They at least can dance with you. The Knight of Swords makes others dance for him.

He is fickle. He soon tires of his new love and of her charms. Then his true character begins to emerge, and in a very subtle way. He is clever enough not to let the little woman see it until his line of retreat is fully prepared. But once it is, he will be off, while Mug No. 3 waits in heart-beating anticipation for romance to come through her door.

The Knight of Swords can always be recognized. He has certain inbuilt give-aways. He is charming and ardent while his fancy lasts. He pursues with avidity and appears to be utterly devoted to you. He will lead you into giving all (and just how much you give depends on how much you have.) But, if you think back, just how many gifts of value did you get? Just what, in the material sense, have you got from him? If you examine it all calmly, you will see that you’ve got very little. Once his ardour cools, you’ll not even get a bunch of faded daisies. This type never runs after a bus when it’s caught; and you have been caught all right.

This is the man who rides love’s round-about so long as there are foolish women in the world.
[Prediction, June 1965]

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  1. White lotus permalink

    OMG that was me the foolish foolish women and he my exhusband who promised the world and only took, he was is, the knight of swords, the taker, the talker,

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