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The Mystic Tarot – The Sun

July 8, 2013

Follow the Sun to Success

by Madeline Montalban

mmTarot 19Everybody is concerned with success to some degree. It need not necessarily be worldly success, though most if us would like to have it in that measure. What, then, in Occultism, is the main factor of success?

Without a doubt, it is singleness of purpose, which is why No. 19, in the Tarot, is represented by the Sun, the centre of our universe.

In any spread this card foretells success of the project asked about, but success that will only come through singleness of purpose, since the Sun is “alone”, as anything in the centre must be.

Success in our ambitions is not for all of us, but it does fall more often to those who pursue it to the exclusion of all else. That is what is meant by single-mindedness.

A human being is a dynamo of power. If that dynamo is harnessed to one objective alone, it has the power of cutting through all opposition.

We achieve success in anything when we know what we want, go straight after it, and do not let anything else interfere with our pursuit of the project.

But how often can we do this? Few of us can so cut ourselves off from the lives and affairs of others; or school our emotions so that intellect takes charge.

The result is that we fail to achieve success in the desired thing because we are getting side-tracked all the time.

To a great extent, we are all childlike in that anything which seems interest­ing can distract us from the hard work necessary to the pursuit of success. That is why two children are seen beneath the beams of the Sun in this Tarot trump.

Whether we are male or female we can and do suffer these distractions, often at the critical moment, when just a little added effort would put success within our grasp.

Because success is a rarity rather than a rule, there must be some reason for these distractions, and for our tendency to chase after them.

There is no doubt that we can be dis­tracted most easily by having our emotions churned up.

If you look back on the times when you most nearly achieved success in anything I think you will find that you were side­tracked either by a love affair, emotional storm, or an alternative glittering prize that led you like a will o’ the wisp away from what you should have been doing.

There is a real reason for this. It all hinges on that dynamo of force within yourself which, applied single-mindedly, can cut through obstacles sooner or later.

The use of this great mental-motive force is connected with the spinal fluid which, in turn, is linked with the emotions.

After using it on creative or other work needed for success, your inner tension rises, and can only be relieved by an emotional let-out.

That is what accounts for so many people having, when nearing success, thrown it all away because of an unfortunate love affair or other emotional involvement.

Once distracted, it is all too easy to pursue the distraction with the same ardour with which you once pursued success. The result is that singleness of purpose is lost.

Before you get to that stage, if you want to be a success in anything, ask yourself why. It is the “why” that can answer both your question and tell you how to get there.

As an example, I met a girl who wanted to become a famous artist. I asked her why.

After a while she replied: “So that I can make a lot of money to enable me to paint what I like instead of what I must paint to earn a living.”

Then she fell silent and said: “I see what you mean.”

For, of course, she did not really need fame as an artist to paint what she wanted. That freedom was already in her grasp because of her talent.

I told her to go and paint as she wanted to paint, and to stick at it until her talent proved itself and her luck broke through.

She did. And though she never achieved fame, she did achieve the success she really wanted. This was to earn her living by painting what she liked instead of having to paint what her employers wanted­ – Christmas cards!

To achieve success in anything at all, you must first know why you want it.

Secondly, you must be prepared to pursue your objective, and lay all other considera­tions aside.

Thirdly, and most important of all, you must want to do the thing that could bring you success more than anything in the world. Then you will do it well, and your fair share of success must follow.

Especially is this so in the field of the creative arts. If you practise them just for the money they might bring in, you will never achieve any lasting success.

That formula for success is single-­mindedness, hard work, and the ability to rise above disappointment time and time again – to go on until our talents have matured enough to bring success within our grasp.

It is a hard path, yet most of us, along the way, will learn to compromise. To accept, for instance, that we are not so good as we had hoped we were, to recognize both our limitations and our assets, and to make the best use of what we have.

The children beneath the Sun are male and female, or negative and positive talents. They go hand in hand, which means that until you know what, in you, is negative, or not so good, and the reverse, the Sun of Success cannot shine on you.

Nobody can make a success of you save yourself, for though anybody can give you a chance, it is, in the end, you who must produce the goods to justify that chance.

Success lies within you, if you can be brave and very single-minded, and if you do not chase after every amusing distraction ­offered. It is as simple – and as difficult­ as that.

[Prediction, July 1962]

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