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More Tarot Trumps

January 13, 2012

I’m having the grandkids for the weekend. There will be no time to work on a blog-post. Rather than post nothing, here are some more Trump cards for the deck Clive Blunt designed under the direction of Tony Willis. (Mr Blunt’s name can be made out on the 2 of Penctales card in that deck – not posted today.)

Tony Willis was much under the influence of Golden Dawn teachings when he had this deck created. That influence is obvious, though more to the fore in some Trumps than in others.

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  1. There are some very interesting subtle symbols in these cards, like the heartshaped leaves on the trees in The Star, and the star within the star, and The Black Magician is an interesting one too!
    I don’t know about the Golden Dawn influence, but these are new to me.

    • Hi Pearl,

      The Golden Dawn influence is perhaps most recognizable in the design of Trump 10, where there are only two figures on the wheel, a sphinx above and a monkey or baboon below. Of cards not included in this posting, The Fool shows strong G.D. influence: a young child picking a rose while holding a wolf on a leash. (I have posted this image previously.) Trump 14 demonstrates G.D. influence too but this may not be readily apparent as Waite reproduces a similar image in his Waite-Smith Tarot. That the W-S Temperance contains certain symbols not seen on the card before is now forgotten, so familiar are these images to us today.

      Best wishes,


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