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Tarot Trumps Revisited » TWCBTrump0

October 27, 2011

  1. This is very unusual! I will meditate on this one. Thank you for sharing, Auntie.

    • Hi Pearl,
      This version of Trump 0 is an adaption of the standard Golden Dawn design for the Fool – a naked child reaching out to pluck a yellow rose from a rose-bush while holding a wolf in check. A.E. Waite, not wanting to reveal the, at that time, secret Golden Dawn pictures, fused the ideas carried by this image with the traditional depiction of the Fool as a beggar alongside a dog to produce the Waite-Smith Fool.
      Best wishes,

  2. pearluna permalink

    The little boy appears to be reaching for the highest rose he can get to on the tips of his toes. It could be that the child thinks the higher up the rose, the better Yet the roses are all the same and all of them are yellow, the colour of the sun. Maybe he think he will find happiness when he reaches the top rose, when in truth, they are all the same. The child has the animal to contend with, pulling him in another direction..

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