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A Spread for Money Troubles

October 20, 2011

Madeline Montalban’s second article on Tarot divination deals with questions concerning financial matters.


How to answer your money problems

By Madeline Montalban

At some time everybody suffers from financial worry, and we feel that we cannot see the way ahead at these times. This is when the Tarot can offer helpful guidance, but it cannot be too strongly emphasized that however bright the Tarot’s forecasts may be, the cards must be read with the assumption that the Querent is doing all in his (or her) power to bring their promise about.

Financial troubles are relieved by the application of a backbone, not a wishbone, and according to the effort you put out to help yourself, so may you expect results.

The Tarot spread is to guide your efforts, no more.

Complete financial disaster happens only when the Querent loses heart and makes no effort, for just as you found a way in to your trouble, so you can find a way out.

When you consult the Tarot spread, avoid hoping for miracles like backing a winner or winning a football pool. These things do happen, but seldom when you feel you need them most.

A rough guide to aid the solving of financial problems are two main points:

1. If your own extravagance or mis-judgement got you into the fix, then it is by your own efforts mainly that you will get out of it.


2. If none of it was your own fault (and be honest with yourself about this) then Providence lends a hand.

Miss M. sets out her terms clearly enough. Firstly, however bright the Tarot’s forecast may be, if the inquirer isn’t doing everything in their power to free themselves from their financial difficulties, the omens will count for naught. Financial troubles are relieved by the application of a backbone, not a wishbone.” Secondly, if you got yourself into financial hot water, it is up to you to set matters right. But if you are suffering through no fault of your own, then God – or the Lords of Karma – will lend a hand, though you will still have to do your fair share towards getting your monetary situation sorted out.

Before I describe the Tarot spread, examine your pack of cards. With some packs of a particularly symmetrical design. It is not at all clear, in the case of certain cards of the minor arcana, whether a card is reversed or upright, especially so with the majority of the numeral cards of deniers (or pentacles) and staves (or rods).

I would suggest that you make a small mark at one end of each card so as to indicate the top or bottom. (In the cards of the Insight Institute the top of each card is indicated by a small T.)

Miss M. didn’t include this instruction in her first article, probably because with most Tarot decks it is easy to tell when a Cup card is reversed – all the cups on the illustrations appear upturned. We will never know whether the parenthetic remark referring to the Insight Institute was penned by Miss M. or added by the editor. Miss M. herself used a Thompson-Leng deck, not an Insight Institute one.

Tarot Lay-out for Financial Problems

Only the suit of deniers (pentacles) and certain of the Tarot trumps are used for financial questions.

Take the 14 cards of the denier suit and shuffle them well, with your mind upon the problem upon which you need guidance. Shuffle these thoroughly, and cut into three heaps.

As was usual for this period, Miss M. asks inquirers to concentrate on their problem as they shuffle the cards. She has more to say on this point in her final article.

Take the heap which contains the card representing the Querent, and discard the other two. Layout this Querent’s heap in a fan shape, and consider each one for its meaning.

Here is the meaning of every card in the Denier pack:-

King: Represents the Querent if male. Reversed: A pressing creditor.

Queen: Represents the Querent when female. Reversed: The main cause of the monetary difficulty.

Knight: A new acquaintance who will add to, and not solve your problems. Usually one of the opposite sex to the Querent. Reversed: A quarrel and scandal.

Knave: A pleasant message or letter of good news. Reversed: Bad news, and loss of money.

Ten: A gain of money. Reversed: A small gain.

Nine: A new job or substantial income which is the result of your own endeavours. Reversed: There will be obstacles to the above, which you can overcome.

Eight: A tranquil phase, coupled with prosperity. Reversed: Strife and disorder.

Seven: A monetary gain or gift. Reversed. Financial worry not relieved by borrowing. Avoid it.

Six: Disputes concerning money, possibly a lawsuit resulting in loss. Reversed: Unexpected resources will be placed at your command, but there may be a hidden catch in it!

Five: An unhoped for sum of money. A windfall which will compensate you for former losses. Reversed: A slight gain only.

Four: Social amusements may lead to further disaster. Not a time for setting financial sprats to catch mackerels. Reversed: Foolish extravagance through despair.

Three: A business proposal/or undertaking. Reversed: It will not lead to any significant result.

Two: Your financial plight is serious and requires all your efforts. Reversed: A sudden or unlooked for happening, which may be auspicious or the reverse according to the trump card read with it.

Ace: The beginning of a project or enterprise that will entail a monetary gain, also gifts. In some cases, with an auspicious trump card, a legacy. Reversed: A small gain or legacy.

Now take from the 22 cards of the Tarot trumps the following, since not all the Major Arcana are required for every question.

There are ten Trumps used in this instance. The first spread required fourteen. For the third, twelve are used and for the fourth the number is again fourteen. As Miss M. observed in the first article, the usual number of suit cards to a reading is around six, so there will always be enough Trumps to cover the cards in the spread.

I. The Juggler (or Magician). Signifies a change of financial position. Reversed: An unfortunate one.

2. High Priestess, Muddled thinking or pastimes are taking up too much thought and energy. A frittering of vital force on trivial objects. Reversed: Strengthens the forecast. Warns the Querent to examine the position carefully.

7. The Chariot, Providence comes to your rescue in the nick of time. Reversed: You may ignore opportunity’s knock.

8. Justice. In the outcome of your problem you will meet with justice. According to the merits of your case will you be helped. Reversed: A warning against going to law in the matter – adverse judgement.

10. The Wheel. When falling on the card of the Querent, it signifies that whatever the past monetary position has been, the wheel will turn. Reversed: Allied with unfavourable cards, there will be delay in the achievement of your aims. Financial prospects are on the down grade.

11. Strength. Attainment of the desired end. Assured if this falls on the card of the Querent or on a fortunate deniers card. When reversed, it cautions you to use your triumph wisely and well.

15. The Devil. A powerful temptation to solve your difficulty by unlawful means. Reversed: The temptation may be too strong to resist.

16. The Tower. A warning that the phase of your financial luck is running out. For those in serious difficulties, an end of the financial impasse, but a new beginning can be made on the ruins if you face facts. Reversed: If lying on a fortunate card of deniers, especially the 7, it presages an unexpected legacy, gift or windfall.

19. The Sun. A fortunate card. Providence will work to aid you in a most mysterious way.

21. The World. Relief from your most pressing worries lies ahead. Reversed: As above, but calm yourself to wait a while.

Now take the Tarot trumps explained above, shuffle them well, and lay one card on each of the denier cards you have already laid out, and read their meanings together from the list I have given you.

One card will either counterbalance or reinforce the other, and will give you a clear forecast of what lies ahead. The most important cards to consider are those which lie on and either side of the Querent’s card, for these give the main indications.

This paragraph contains the key to the successful reading of this spread.

One final word. If the Tower (No. 1 6) lies on the card of the Querent, let him or her not despair. Evil as is the reputation of this card, I have found by long practice that it often denotes what seems to be disaster at the time, but which, in the long run, turns out to be the start of a new, and better avenue of life.

Example: A man I knew had this card in a position which foretold that he would lose an annuity on which he had always lived. This happened, and he was thrown on his own resources. For a time he had a struggle, but he is now known as a world-famous author. Had he not lost the annuity, he would never have developed his natural talent, and been able to enjoy a fuller life as the result.

NEXT MONTH: Family questions answered by The Tarot.

[Prediction, September 1953 ]

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